RANDOM WANKERY: Stargate and Inventing Your Own Spinoff!

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One of the pointless games my kids like, and I like, and Republibot 2.0 likes, is to invent your own spinoffs to existing shows.

The concept is simple: Take a show with a well-known universe, like Stargate or Star Trek, or Galactica, or Babylon 5 or whatever, and then you come up with a concept for your *own* show and shoehorn it into that universe. For example, lets' take Stargate:

We've had SG1, SGA, and SGU, not to mention the original movie (Which I hate to this day) and that crappy cartoon (Which doesn't count). All these shows brought something new to the mythos, so it follows that any spinoff *I* would come up with would have to do so likewise.

So here's what I've got:

ok, potential stargate spinoffs we've discussed:

1)Stargate: Alpha Site - this would take place on a beautiful Hawaii-like planet that functions as an alpha site, and also as a retirement community for SGC personell who've aged out of the program, but can't really fit back into normal life again. There's no local population, and it's considered a cherry assignment that everyone wants to get, but it's also rather dangerous since it *IS* the alpha site, and the most obvious nexus for Tau're expansion into the galaxy. It has a strong military presence, most Gate missions run through there, it's also the location of most scientific research for alien tech. Also, a big mental hospital for people who did stupid things (Like downloading libraries into their brains. Repeatedly.), but lack Jack's Teela Brown gene. So there's a lot of bent people there who, just the same, know stuff that no one else does. This would be an 'infrastructure' show, showing us how the galaxy works, not just adventury stuff.

2)Stargate: NCIS - my personal favorite at the moment: The SG Program employs at least 30 or 40,000 people in a dozen countries at this point. There must be quite a large agency involved in keeping it quiet, right? So we follow that agency along. If a crime happens anywhere in the world (or other worlds) involving gate personnel - a marine on leave in Baltimore, an alien ambassador found dead in a brothel in Newark, an IOA agent found dead in a brothel in P-12345 - these are the guys who investigate, and contain it. The lead character would be Pete, Carter's old beau.

3) Stargate: Prometheus - a lower-decks styled show set aboard the Prometheus as it explores the Ori galaxy. The senior officers seldom appear, and we focus on the noncoms. The concept is that the Ori closely regulated traffic in their home galaxy, so there aren't many gates. There are civilizations that are entirely cut off, even alien races. The ship is a tracklayer, building gates and placing them on new worlds, and having various whacky adventures in the process, which aren't quite so glamorous as the standard Trek equivalents.

4) Stargate: The Wild Wild Gate - basically The Wild Wild West in space: Spies traveling around doing stuff. The "Artie" character would probably be a shapeshifting alien, played by a different actor from week to week.

5)Stargate: Contractors - a show about a group of traders and engineers who actually buy alien tech, conduct SGC/Alien trade, and build crap for the SGC. I mean, they've gotta' exist, right? This actually could be pretty much the same show as Prometheus if we make it a civilian vessel, and don't involve Carter.

6) Stargate: Area 51B - Area 51 was destroyed at the end of SGA, so this would be the new one, which actually could be offworld if we wanted, perhaps at the Alpha Site mentioned above for security purposes. Basically, it's be like Eureka, though not nearly so stupid and inconsistent. All our also-ran scientist characters could be in that one - Dr. Lee, Cavanaugh, etc...

So that's off the top of my head, and while they're all very derivative, a couple of 'em don't conspicuously suck.

This got me to wonder why so many Fan Films stick to an exact copy of the existing shows, and don't do something a little more original that fits into that framework. Particularly with Stargate which, let's face it, is super-easy to do. All you need is an army/navy surplus store, a forest, and a friend who's good with CGI, and you're there!

So sound off: What ideas for spinoffs have you got, what kind of fanfilm spinoffs would you like to see, which one of my ideas do you like best, and what franchise do you think most cries out for this kind of treatment?