(Prime Time Repeat) EPISODE REVIEWS: Warehouse 13: "Elements" (Episode 5) AND: Stargate Universe: "Air" (Episode 1)

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Syfy continues to fill otherwise-dead air with prime-time repeats of last year's shows. Maybe this is because they're trying to bring everyone up to speed before the new season starts, or maybe it's just because Caprica is crashing and burning, and they don't know what to do. Either way, since it's been a super-slow year thus far, we're covering 'em.

I don't know why I didn't think of this last week, nor the week before, but (I'm a drinker...) rather than irritating the crap of our fine, fine regular readers by re-posting old reviews as though they were new, I'll just *LINK* you to the reviews where they sit now.

Duh! Is my face red, or what? (Well, I've been slamming home the beers for an hour or so, so, of course my face would be red anyways, but rest assured: were I not intoxicated, my face would be red out of embarasment.)

So: If you'd like to read the review for tonight's Warehouse 13, go here http://www.republibot.com/content/episode-review-warehouse-13-%E2%80%9Celements%E2%80%9D-episode-5

and if you'd like to read the review for tonight's Stargate: Universe, go here


We'll be reviewing the new episode of "Caprica" later on tonight for the seven or eight people who are still watching it. Be sure to check back in for that!