ORIGINAL FICTION: Just a reminder...

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Hi, everyone. To our old, established readers, and to those of you who've discovered us in the last three or four months, I just wanted to remind all of you that Republibot.com accepts - and in fact encourages - original fiction from our readers.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: I'm prolific. And sometimes - rarely - I'm even good, but the "Original Fiction" feature isn't supposed to be just "The R3 Show, starring R3." It's supposed to feature you fine folks as well. This is a community site, and in addition to just yammering about what the professionals do - which eleventy-jillion other sites already do perfectly adequately - we also want to *Create.* After all, it's one thing to bitch and moan about what Hollywood or some random author should or shouldn't have done, but it's quite another to actually do it for yourself.

So: Do it for yourselves!

Got a story sitting in your drawer since college? Now's your chance to show it off!

Got an unfinished one laying around somewhere? Now's your chance to finish it up and show it off.

Got a character in search of a plot? Talk to us, we've got unused plots coming out our ears.

Got an idea, but nothing on paper? Now's your chance to flesh it out.

Now's your chance to have your story read by six hundred or more total strangers. How cool is that? Your words read by people who aren't relatives or dorm friends that you cajoled into reading them? (I say this because in my youth I did a *LOT* of cajoling). We've had some successes: Neorandomizer wrote and contributed a couple stories since he started visiting the site, and all of them are quite good. You might possibly be really, really good at this, so why hide your candle under a basket? Show it off! Develop it! You could be the first one of us to get noticed by a publisher and get an actual contract (That'll always be the dream for me, anyway)

So send us a story! If it doesn't stink out loud, we'll likely use it. We'll also provide some editorial assistance in some circumstances.

Terms: Your story is yours. You retain all rights and priveleges, we simply give it a home. Any reprints of the story in other locations and mediums are yours, as are any profits. We don't want to make money off of you, we just want *YOU* to be able to show *YOUR* work to the world.

The world may very well like it. How cool would that be?

If you're interested, or want more information, please contact me at three@republibot.com

(And, no, we're not out of material. Not even close. Original Fiction will return next week with a new "Undead" story.)