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Just a little announcement: As you know, we run a good deal of Original Fiction here on the 'Bot. and we are justifiably quite proud of it. Our longer fiction - stuff over ten pages - generally gets serialized, a chunk a week.

This is both good and bad: It generates continued reader interest in the site if people keep coming back to find out how the story ends. On the other hand, if people have a short attention span, it tends to drive 'em away. The only other option is to publish the stories in one lump all at once, which can be pretty daunting even if you *don't* have A.D.D. I mean, heck, there's one chapter of Chip Hayne's novel that is a quarter million words long all by itself! Just one chapter! Even *I* would probably wanna' put the paramedics on speed dial before I tackled something like that.

As a sort of compromise, we take all our serialized stories from the previous year and re-publish them altogether. This, too, is not optimal - really only a book is optimal - but this way people who missed 'em, or simply lost the thread the first time 'round can check 'em out in one sitting, or print 'em up to read at their leisure later on. This also allows the authors to link to the complete story, which is easier to point it out to their family, friends, agents, publishers, or whatever.

Thus, for the next few weeks, we'll be showcasing some of our old fiction, and after that we'll get to the new stuff. If you haven't read our old stuff, you might want to check it out. A lot of it is pretty good!

Something we've never really spelled out before: The stories we publish here may or may not be the finished versions. Some of 'em are carved in stone as is, some of them are still developing, but were judged 'good enough' to let people see 'em, and comment on 'em. As with all art, feedback is VERY helpful, so please comment if the Spirit so moves you. Some of these stories are earmarked for publication later on - for instance, I've got an anthology ("Ice Cream and Venom") in editing now - and there might be some significant differences between the versions of those stories on here, and the ones that end up in the book. Or not.

We are alway, always, always open for original fiction. Fancy yourself a writer? Give it a shot! Write a story and submit it to us. If it passes our not-at-all strident requirements ( Requirement # 1: It must be in English; Requirement #2 it must involve some science fiction content; Requirement #3 it must not be pornographic, but it can be sexy, Requirement #4 there is no forth requirement), we'll run it. If it needs work, we'll try to help out editorially. And of course your stuff gets seen by something like five to six hundred people a day!

Heck, I'll make you a limited-time offer: If you fancy yourself a writer, but are having a hard time coming up with a basic story idea, email me at three@republibot.com and I'll probably give you one I'm not really using at the moment. Then you can see what you can do with it. That's fun, right? I can't think of another website, nor even a remotely-sane individual who'd make that offer.

Legal stuff: All stories are web-copyrighted by us (The least impressive form of copyright) in the name and/or pen name of the author, and remain the exclusive property of said author. The author retains all rights and privileges, and we don't make any money off of it, we just provide a fairly visible home for it online. It's your story, we just put it in the shop window.

And that's pretty much it, kids. Give it a shot!