Ok, We're Just Not Doing So Good With The Reviews It Seems...

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I totally spaced on Sym-Bionic Titan last night, and missed the episode. I'll pick it up on Saturday, and I do apologize for the delay. In a larger sense, however, this points out a problem we've been having here at the 'Bot this season: We're simply not being very reliable with our episode reviews.

This is as much my fault as it is anyones. Arguably, it's probably more my fault since I'm the head writer and public face of the website.

It owes to a number of "Real life gets in the way" factors which have sandbagged our review staff. I'm not even sure if we're even pretending to cover "Chuck" and "V" anymore. SO let's just assume, publicly, that we aren't, that they've fallen through the cracks, that they're gone. This drives me nuts, and it's really not acceptable.

Yes, we're doing great on daily content, and it's all pretty high quality stuff. We're doing a lot of stuff no other website our size has managed: we've got something interesting and new every day, we're running original fiction, we've managed to appeal to an intelligent, highly articulate core of readers. That's all great stuff, and I'm proud of it, but it's only part of the equation: we *need* TV and Movie reviews, and we need them regularly, and, unfortunately for the foreseeable future we're going to be fairly sporadic if left to our own devices.

Recently Rightrob and Scizman and BleedingHeartBot have stepped in with some really great content. Not only has that been a massive help, but it's also broadened our perspectives and viewpoints on the site. That can only be a good thing, right? And of course it's kind of fun to have your words read by hundreds of total strangers.

So have you got a show or even a current movie that you're interested in, but that we're not covering? Or not covering regularly? Why not review it yourself, and we'll gladly, gladly, gladly run it here on Republibot.

Pick a show, email me at three@republibot.com and I'll explain the details of how the whole thing works, and answer any questions you might have. Join our little family, make a little name for yourself online as a reviewer, help us be more reliable for our readers.

(And, of course, do all that for no no pay)

Seriously, though: serve your vanity and help me out in the process. Email me.