OBITUARIES: Davey Jones 1945-2012

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Davey Jones of The Monkees was found dead in his Indianville, Florida home yesterday morning. He was 66.

Now, it's easy to make fun of him, and of the Monkees, but I think that's unfair. The fact is he had a fairly impressive Musical Theater career by the time he was 19, and he was a pop culture icon on a show that really was far more ambitious and weird than it needed to be. And when that dried up, he was a professional jockey for a while. And he never embarrassed himself publicly insofar as I can see.

The clip above is from the final episode of "The Monkees." Directed by Mickey Dolenz - his debut - they knew they were cancelled when they shot this, and decided to go out swinging for the fences. It's a strange tale of an evil wizard (Rip Taylor) attempting to take over the world using a telepathic alien which is basically a potted plant with a football hanging on it, and an eye painted on that (Similarities to the CBS logo deliberate). It is just wonderfully weird, and it's even SF, sort of.

I couldn't find the whole episode, but if you get a chance, watch it.

Our prayers go out for Davey's soul, and for his family.