(not an) EPISODE REVIEW: Thundercats: "Remlak Rising" (Episode 3)

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This is not a review or anything. As I said last week, despite how good the premier was, I'm not going to be covering this show. Why? Because it's the Thundercats, and at the end of the day, I just really don't care.

Credit where credit's due, however: the look, feel, and sound of this show is pretty amazing. The scenery is gorgeous, the animation is (As I said last time) easily the equivalent of feature-quality stuff from a decade ago, direction is really, really, good. What really blew me away tonight however, was the score!

Man, this show has a frackin' amazing soundtrack! The music is deep, lush, and soaring. I assume the're using a synthestra, same as everyone else does these days, but, seriously, this is incredible stuff, easily on the level of the stuff Murray Gold is doing for Doctor Who, and easily superior - that wasn't a typo, I said *superior* - to the stuff Joel Goldsmith was doing for the 'Gate franchise. Seriously: this is a really, really, really great soundtrack in a beautiful show.

It's the Thundercats, so, like I said, I really don't give a crap about the story or the characters or anything (Tonight was a rip-off of Moby Dick in which Lion-o "Learns a very important lesson about life"), but it's worth at least watching the show to bask in the glorious sound and beautiful animation.

Also: the action sequences were pretty intense, and some of the humor probably would frighten small children.


I just looked it up, and the soundtrack was done by someone named "Kevin Kliesch." It's not just a synthestra, either, but a combination of synthestra and a real honest-to-gosh orchestra!

Here's his imdb page. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0459454/ He's got a jillion credits, but mostly as an orchestrator. Impresive stuff he's doing here.