(not at all science fiction) MOVIE REVIEW: “Fly me To the Moon” (2008)

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I only sort-of saw this, really…I say “Sort of” because…The Republikid and went to the local IMAX theater and it turned out they were showing a 45 minute cut of a 90 minute movie. That actually worked out to our advantage, though, as both of us thought the movie was pretty bad and 90 minutes would have been more than we could stand.

The plot involves three young fly-children (but not maggots, maggots are babies) who build space suits out of bendy-straws, and stow away on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon, whereupon various adventures befall them, and their family back on earth freaks out. It’s about as weak as it sounds.

I’m not one to complain too much about children’s films. Lots of people kvetch and moan about them saying “This is stupid” and “It wasn’t like this” and “I don’t like it” and so on, but I think doing that is sort of like complaining that they don’t make bras in mens’ sizes: Well, duh! It wasn’t intended for you in the first place! Likewise, movies like this aren’t intended for adults in the first place.

That said, it’s kind of weak tea.

This is the kind of movie that adults assume little kids will like because it’s full of cute characters and whiz-bang action, but in fact which seems to bore/scare little kids to the point where they don’t enjoy it. Perhaps I’m wrong, I only saw half the film, so perhaps I’m missing the creamy thematic nougat center of the flick, but I doubt it. Most of the little ones in the theater were crying, others were sleeping. The republikid - squarely in the intended demographic for this flick - felt it was hopelessly dull.

Some of the space scenes are pretty neat, but they’re short and their neatness stems from Apollo Program stuff just naturally having a high cool-factor to begin with. Graphics are somewhere in quality between a really good video game and a nickelodeon show.
Not recommended. I hesitated even reviewing this here, since it’s not even really an SF film, but rather intended to be “Educational” for young kids. Still, since we here at Republibot are huge fans of the *real* space program, I thought I’d shoehorn it in.