No Ordinary Family: Knockoff or Merely Derivative?

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This fall there's a new superhero family series on ABC. When I say "Superhero Family," I assume you're wondering if it's a superhero show aimed at 'the whole family from baby to grandpa' or if it's a show about a family of superheroes. In this case it appears to be both.

Here's the trailer:

So let's see: You've got the indestructable super-strong dad, the hot super-fast mom, the super-smart-but-troubled-in-school son, and the cheerleader daughter/telepath. And you've got the middle aged black sidekick. And they do what here? Save the world? Fight crime? Pretty much it's got to be that, or superpowered PTA bakesales, right? I dunno, this is all seeming overly familiar. Hm. I wonder where I could have seen something like this before...I can't...quite...remember...

But probably no one but me ever even saw that movie.

Seriously, though, my initial reaction is "Wow, ABC really doesn't have anything in the pipeline to replace Lost, now does it?" Despite the obviously derivative nature, it's really kind of a bad trailer - all the dialog seems kind of stilted, expositional, and of course the trailer is too long and pretty much tells you everything about the pilot, thus making it superfluous to actually watch the episode. And it just feels off, you know? It feels like an "ABC Family" show (From the makers of '10 Things I Hate About You!') rather than a broadcast ABC show. It's got 13-episodes-and-done written all over it.

Anyway, as it's a superhero show, and that's vaguely SF, we'll give it a shot for a while. Neorandomizer - who, by the way, first pointed this show out to me - will be reviewing it.

Thanks, Neo!