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Here we are, Botophiles! The first big science fiction movie of the summer, and it's shaping up in just the opening weekend to possibly be the highest grossing film of the year (though with Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel both still on deck, you really can't say that with any sort of certainty yet). Iron Man 3 brings back principal actors Robert Downey, jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Don Cheadle as USAF LTC James Rhodes/War Machine/Iron Patriot, Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts and Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan (though Favreau only acts in this movie as he has passed on directorial duties to Shane Black), as well as introducing newcomers to the franchise Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian (creator of Extremis) and Sir Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin (sort of).

Following on directly where The Avengers left off, Tony Stark is left somewhat in mental disarray after the fight with the Chitauri. In the midst of bad dreams, insomnia and anxiety attacks, Tony also has another problem to deal with: The Mandarin, the leader of The Ten Rings, the terrorist organization that kidnapped him in the first movie, directly causing him to create the Iron Man armor in the first place. After an attack on Stark's Malibu home by The Mandarin, in which Tony is presumed dead, he is forced into hiding to come up with a plan to defeat The Mandarin once and for all.

Iron Man 3 is an explosive film that not only manages to match the previous films, but stands proudly in that group as a shining example of why we fell in love with Iron Man in the first place. You'd never know Jon Favreau wasn't sitting in the Director's chair as the look and feel of Iron Man 3 remains consistent. The acting from the returning cast is every bit as up to par with what's come before and the newcomers turn in performances every bit as fantastic as the regulars. While Iron Man 3 is not lacking in the humor department, it is missing the superb performance of Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, who was apparently killed in The Avengers but is somehow returning for Joss Whedon's Agents of SHIELD television series. Agent Coulson brought a lot to the personality of the first two films, as well as Thor and The Avengers, and his presence was very missed.

Bottom line, if you enjoyed the first two installments of the franchise, this definitely isn't a soft third act. My only real problem with the film is that I wasn't too keen on the new armor, the Mark 42, but that's a small thing and definitely doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the film, just because the new suit looks kinda stupid. Without giving away too many spoilers, I also wasn't too thrilled with how they handled The Mandarin. Partly based on the Extremis storyline by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, Iron Man 3 delivers in every way possible.

Will Conservatives Like This Movie?

Sure. There's nothing objectionable and Tony Stark, as played by RDJ, has always seemed to lean a bit more to the right, even if he did get a little liberal after being blown up by one of his own missiles in Afghanistan. But yeah, the politics in the film, if any really exist at all, are quite small and insignificant. So yeah, Conservatives should enjoy this movie just fine.