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OK, first of all I want to apologize for the lateness of this review. I didn't want to see this movie. I asked R3 if anyone else was interested in writing this months ago because I knew it was going to be terrible. I just don't buy the "found footage" crap, and frankly I'm getting pretty tired of it. It didn't work for Blair Witch, it didn't work for Paranormal Activity and it doesn't work for Apollo 18. This format doesn't work and it makes for boring filmmaking. Clerks being filmed in black and white works because it feels like watching footage from the store's security cameras. However, if Kevin Smith had gone for that and put the camera on the ceiling, it would have failed. Note to aspiring filmmakers: don't try to hide your film's low budget by doing something "clever" to explain why it looks like an amateur movie. Embrace your budget and your limited resources and make the best movie you can. Don't try and trick your audience like this. It'll make you look bad and lacking in creativity.

I can't give a detailed synopsis of the plot because 1. it depresses me and 2. I dozed off twice for about 15 minutes each. This movie was more boring that Atlas Shrugged, Part One and that says a lot, none of it good. Basically, though, we are supposed to believe that the footage on the screen was found, probably by the Wiki Leaks guy, and that it is the actual footage from an actual 18th Apollo moon mission. The events of the film, including "living" moon rock creatures, are supposed to explain why we never went back to the Moon since 1972 (or 73 if you take the movie seriously, which you shouldn't). The problem with that is, NASA is a pack of press whores. They don't do ANYTHING without it being a media circus. If an 18th Apollo mission had ever been launched, we would have known. NASA may have been able to cover up what the mission found, but not the mission itself. Also, the crew for Apollo 18 had already been assigned before its cancellation and would have consisted of Richard Gordon, Vance Brand and Harrison Schmitt, and these are obviously not them.

All-in-all, Apollo 18 could have been a decent movie if properly executed, but it wasn't. I'm a fan of horror movies, but this failed as horror, sci-fi and drama. It succeeded as a "found footage" hoax, but those are terrible so that's not much of an accomplishment.

Will Conservatives Like This Movie?

Well, Bob Dole might like it, but he's boring as hell himself so that makes sense. Other than that, though, probably not.