Movie Review: Alien Tornado (2012)

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Movie Review: Alien Tornado

If it is Saturday, it must be time for another Syfy original movie premiere.

In this action packed thriller, Jeff Fahey stars as a farmer near Chicago. He has a daughter that is mad at him for using the college money to keep hold of the farm. She, coincidently, wants to be a scientist. The mother has, of course, died. What happened to her? We never learn. Tornados start hitting the area but no one is reporting their occurrence. This brings a storm chasing blogger (Kari Wurher) to town. Together, the group, along with the local sheriff, tries to determine what is happening. Who or what could be behind these tornadoes? Oh of course, aliens, like the title says.

There is also a group of men driving around in a black SUV. The men keep referring to their bosses. Are they government agents or aliens? It was never made clear.

We spend most of the movie driving around from one tornado sight to the next. The twisters never do any real damage outside of Chicago. However, in Chicago, they destroy Wrigley Field and tear down skyscrapers. One news report likened the damage to September 11th. Yes he went there.

The CGI on the twisters themselves were not too bad. They were illuminated funnel clouds that would occasionally shoot out sparks. At other times long tentacles would come out of the clouds, like a hand, and pull people in.

The tornados were supposed to hide an alien invasion. Nothing says inconspicuous more than lighted twisters destroying Chicago. Then there is the big alien reveal and they look awesome. Wait… no… that is another better movie. We NEVER get to see the aliens. Our intrepid band sends them away and saves the earth.

Random Twisters:
- Normally, Syfy has either a big name genre actor or an actor from a hit Syfy show do at least a cameo in their cheesy movies. The movie could only muster the Lawnmower Man and Captain Maggie Beckett.
- Some of the Syfy movies are fun; some are so bad their good, this one miss the mark in both those categories.
- Next week is a completely different movie for our viewing pleasure. The Syfy premiere of “Space Twister”.

Will Conservatives Like This?
There is nothing political in the movie, nothing period for that matter.