Live Tweeting the Golden Globes

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I found myself watching the Golden Globes for some reason while sitting on the computer and decided to start live tweeting about it while it was on.

For those new to twitter (, the main thing to remember is that it is a real time service that lets you share information in 140 characters or less. So all of the following happened live during the show and was posted to the Republibot twitter account as I typed it.

So, jump on through and hopefully it makes sense and if not, well then we won't do one of these again...

1 - Thought about Live-Blogging the #GoldenGlobes tonight, but that means I would have had to watch the whole thing.

2 - Ok, ok, I'll live tweet it for a while.

3 - I don't get the big deal for UP, I know R3 loved it, but I had serious structural problems with the story - but good on them anyway.

4 - Love that Ricky is feeling no fear and everybody is open game.

5 - Ha!! Jeremy Irons looks like he is playing an old man in Georgia Okeefe clip

6 - I have no idea what Gray Gardens is, I was too busy laughing at Jeremy Irons and not paying attention.

7 - I wonder if winners fight over who gets to thank everyone first when accepting awards? I would pull a knife to avoid going second.

8 - Hey, Julie and Julia Starring Amy Adams and Dan Aykroyd.

9 - Holy cow - I am always surprised at the number of teeth that Julia Roberts has.

10 - And Dan Aykroyd wins best Actress in a Comedy for Julia and Julia.

11 - Why does Streep get a half hour to thank people and the others start getting played off almost immediately?

12 - Wow, they just showed Jim Cameron in the audience and he looks like Meryl Streep.

13 - I was gonna say that Cameron is looking a bit like Barbara Bush, but I forgot I’m doing this on Republibot and the other Bots might get mad.

14 - Wow, Helen Mirren is looking good. She will always hold a special place in my heart for being Morgana Le Fay in Excalibur.

15 - Yay, Kevin Bacon won... something... for something... When is he making another Tremors movie?

16 - Wow, Morgan Freeman is just knocking back the booze. Is he nominated for anything?

17 - Anna Paquin's dress has an opening in the front as big as the one in her teeth...

18 - Ok, I feel bad for that last one... She is Rogue after all...

19 - Drew Barrymore sounds scripted in her acceptance speech - not sure what she is accepting for.

20 - Ahhhhh RT @hollywoodcomedy: Drew Barrymore ("Grey Gardens") wins for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for TV

21 - Ok, don't think less of me, but I kinda would like to see It's Complicated - Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin make me laugh

22 - Wow, that bloke from 300 and Rachel from Friends don’t look really happy to be out there together...

23 - Up In the Air just won for Best Screenplay - just saw it today, let me know if you would like a review on the site.

24 - Wow, Sheldon Turner looks more like Ivan Reitman's son than Jason Reitman does...

25 - Inglourious Basterds was 2/3rds of a very great movie - but it had major flaws.

26 - Sophia Loren, ladies and gentlemen, Sophia Loren - she is telling us that movies are the most important thing ever.

27 - I love when foreign filmmakers accept their awards - you never know what they are gonna say.

28 - He got a whole two minutes to give his speech - that is the way to bring the world closer together.

29 - Best Series Drama - I haven't seen any of these shows

30 - Mad Men won Best Series Drama - I think it is about Harvey Kurtzman and Alfred E Newman in the 60s.

31 - Chloe Sevigny wins Best Supporting Actress for Big Love - I think it is about obese people that are swingers.

32 - Wow - Halle Berry looks great, now if only she could act she would be the perfect woman.

33 - First award of the night that I don't have any issues with - Christoph Waltz, Supporting Actor Film for Inglourious Basterds.

34 - Christophe was by far the best thing about Inglourious Basterds - it wouldn't be half the movie that it is without him.

35 - Martin Scorsese gets the Cecil B DeMille award - two filmmakers that couldn't be any more unalike.

36 - Quick Question - Was A Boy's Life a Scorsese film? It had both De Niro and Di Caprio in it.

37 - I don't like all of Scorsese's films, but I like him - so I guess it is always good to see him recognized for his real passion for the craft

38 - Ricky Gervais takes a good shot at Mel Gibson and then Gibson announces the Best Director: James Cameron...

39 - Is James Cameron winning a Best Director award one of the four signs of the Apocalypse?

40 - Ha!!! Cameron thanks his cast in his made-up language - so lame.

41 - Interesting trivia - Best Director nominees James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow used to be married.

42 - Glee wins the best something and then entire cast and crew rush the stage.

43 - Ahhh, Glee won for Best Series Comedy/Musical...

44 - Now we are up to Best Movie - Comedy/Musical... and the winner is: The Hangover? Really? I need to think on this.

45 - I guess it would help if I had seen any of the other movies, but I only saw the Hangover from the nominees…

46 - Where was Zack Gallifinakis? He was probably the best thing about the movie followed closely by Ed Helms.

47 - Arnold Schwarzzneggar introducing "Ahvdar" for Best Movie

48 - Sandra Bullock just won for Best Actress, Motion Picture Non-Comedy/Non-Musical.

49 - Best Actor Robert Downey Jr for Sherlock Holmes - a movie I liked much more than I expected to.

50 - Man, I never realized how tiring Live Tweeting something could be. I am bored and tired and ready to call it a night.

51 - I haven't seen Crazy Heart, and honestly am in no hurry, but happy that Jeff Bridges won Best Actor - because he is.

52 - Julia Roberts is announcing the Best Picture winner? Ugh, will this torture ever end?

53 - I just want to thank R2 and R3 for letting me do this tonight, though I am sure that R3 has no idea what "this" is...

54 - I think I started out with some good energy, but was slowly beat down by the endless self-importance that is a staple in these things.

55 - As Julia Roberts ages she looks more and more like Eric Roberts, and it isn't a pretty site.

56 - Man... as Arnold would say, "And the winner is Ahvdar"

57 - And the winner of the lamest acceptance speech is: James Cameron!!!

58 - Ok gang, that is it for the night - tomorrow is Monday and back to the real world...

Thanks again, and be sure to let us know thoughts on this and if it isn't too confusing then I will do it for other stuffy awards type shows that are broadcast semi-live.