Live Tweeting the 82nd Academy Awards (Archive)

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Welcome to the archive of the Republibot Live Tweet of the 82nd Academy Awards show. For those new to twitter (, the main thing to remember is that it is a real time service that lets you share information in 140 characters or less. So all of the following happened live during the show and was posted to the Republibot twitter account as I typed it.

I have edited out the Twitter discussion between me and friend of Republibot Church (@ChurchHTucker) to avoid too much confusion on your part, but feel free to go on Twitter and reconstruct it if you would like.

1 - Gonna try to live tweet the Academy Awards tonight, it is broadcast live right? Not like the Olympics?
2 - It should be fun, I don't know what has been nominated for anything other than Hurt Locker and Avatar.
3 - Watching the #redcarpet show and old guys with earrings kinda creep me out (talking about you Morgan Freeman).
4 - Maaaaatt Daaamon!!! (with regards to Team America) #redcarpet
5 - Helen Mirren looks great. Christopher Plummer looks a bit tipsy. #redcarpet
6 - Stand up straight, Miley!! Quit hunching over like that. You look like Gollum. #redcarpet
7 - And we are off....
8 - Is the audio bad? the mix sounds off for some reason.
9 - I think I bit off more than I can chew on this Live Tweeting the #Oscars thing - I am already exhausted and it has barely started.
10 - First Award - Best Supporting Actors - so far I haven't seen any of these movies
11 - Oh wait, I have seen Lovely Bones - good performance.
12 - Christoph should win for Inglorious Basterds - his part of the movie was by far the best thing in it.
13 - And Cristof did win, I bet it was by a landslide - and now he moves up in opportunity by appearing in a Kevin Smith movie - Green Hornet.
14 - Was that an introduction for Blind Side as best picture (1 of the apprx 100 this year) or Sandra Bullock for Best Actress?
15 - Cameron Diaz and Steve Carrell? Holy cow she is like two feet taller than him. If she were blue she would be a Navi she's so tall.
16 - I hope Coraline or Secret of Kells wins
17 - Up! wins... I hated Up!
18 - So kids, the moral of the story of Up! is that if someone makes your life more difficult drop them from a Zeppelin 10,000 feet in the air.
19 - Miley!! Stand up straight!! Hunching over like that doesn't make your breasts look any bigger.
20 - Best Song - goes to the Crazy Heart song. T-Bone Burnett should win every time.
21 - Wow, T-Bone looks like Gandalf standing next to Ryan Bingham's Frodo.
22 - I cannot believe that District Nine is nominated for best picture - Here is my original review:
23 - I love Tina Fey.
24 - I love Robert Downey Jr.
25 - I want A Serious Man to win Best Original Screenplay.
26 - Hurt Locker wins, I guess I will have to give into all the nagging from my friends to see it.
27 - Very sweet, a dedication to John Hughes. #oscars
28 - Up! for best picture. I didn't like it. The first 30 minutes were great, but then it fell into storytelling cliche. #oscars
29 - Best Animated Short - Logorama. It looks like the exact kinda thing voters love. 
30 - Best Documentary Short - Music by Prudence.
31 - The kinda problem with Short films in the #Oscars is that they generally have to be about something important.
32 - Holy cow, that lady just interrupted the Doc Short winner
33 - Best Short Film - The New Tenants. I know nothing about these nominees or winners.
34 - Ben Stiller just makes me laugh.
35 - They need to break up Best Make-up into 2 or 3 sub-categories - big make-up and subtle make-up.
36 - Star Trek gets best make-up thing.
37 - A Serious Man is up for Best Picture, saw it last week during some business travel, so good.
38 - Best Adapted Screenplay - Precious, based on the Novel of something something something by someone, sorry I got distracted on that.
39 - Really was hoping Up In The Air would win Best Adapted Screenplay, even though it went pretty far astray from the novel it was based on.
40 - Best Supporting Actress should go to the Up In the Air girl, she was naked in it.
41 - Not the teen looking one, the hot one that was the romantic interest for Clooney.
42 - Best Picture nominee The Education. I guess if you are into underage girls and think Roman Polanski had the right idea...
43 - How is Avatar up for Art Direction? You might as well put Looney Tunes up for Art direction. Or Up! It's ANIMATED!!!
44 - Best costume design is always a tough one for me cause I generally never see or hear of any of these movies.
45 - The Costume Design winner lady is kind of unlikeable - exactly the type of person you expect wanting to talk about deeply dumb things.
46 - Missed the Horror Tribute while @ChurchHTucker chastises me. :)
47 - Best Sound Editing is one of the awards that is hard for Lay People to be really discerning on, since the subtleties are so technical.
48 - Ditto Sound Mixing.
49 - Hurt Locker wins both Sound Technical awards.
50 - Best Picture Nominee Inglourious Basterds - Great and fun movie, had issues with half of it, but the central story was so well done.
51 - Ok, so I have more issues with Avatar getting best Cinematography than for it getting Best Art Direction.
52 - Demi Moore looks like a Nav'i in white face.
53 - Very sweet eulogy for those in the industry that have passed away in the last year.
54 - I have conflicted emotions about James Taylor, so I like him more than I would normally, also love this song In My Life.
55 - I.... uh, don't know what is going on right now. Is this best score with Hip Hop Dancers?
56 - There were some beautiful scores this year, definitely.
57 - I can live with Up! winning best original score.
58 - Totally agree with Avatar winning for Best Visual Effects. No question on this one. Totally deserves it. By a good 1000 miles.
59 - Up In The Air Best Picture Nominee - my sentimental favorite, spoke to me more than any other movie I saw in the past year.
60 - I miss my life when all I did was see everything - I felt less out of the loop on these shows back then. Best Doc Nominees right now.
61 - Wow, Fisher Stevens did the Cove? Havent seen him much since Hackers. The Cove wins Best Doc. 
62 - Holy Cow - Hurt Locker is doing exceptionally well, taking all of the prestige awards.
63 - Hurt Locker wins Best Editing.
64 - Man, Quentin looks like hell. Would hate to have to go up in front of everyone after losing everything so far except Best Supporting Actor.
65 - I want to be smarter about Best Foreign Picture, but I can't so I have nothing to say. 
66 - Avatar - Best Picture Nominee, and here is my original review and let's not speak of it again:
67 - Jeff Bridges was robbed on Fisher King, he should have been nominated for Best Actor and should have won.
68 - I like the way they are doing the Best Actor announcements - having former co-starts introduce them
69 - I have typecast Morgan Freeman in my mind forever as Easy Reader from the original Electric Company.
70 - Very happy that Jeff Bridges won Best Actor, even though the movie had tons of country music in it.
71 - I saw none of the movies that the Best Actress nominees were in, but congrats to Sandra Bullock... I guess...
72 - Nice, Kathryn Bigelow wins Best Director - she has always made much more challenging films thematically than James Cameron, she deserves it.
73 - Wow. Hurt Locker beats down Avatar.
74 - Hurt Locker picks up Best Picture.
75 - Ok, done - that wasnt nearly as painful as the Golden Globes - will try to pull all these tomorrow and post on G'nite all.