LINKS: Several SF-Related Stories for the day

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* A mid-80s vintage Dalek has been found in a pond in england (The photo is my new desktop)

* I happened to be in England in 1983 and read this story in 2000 AD when it first ran. I laughed myself silly, and now it's entirely online for your enjoyment. Why does this matter? Because it's also the first thing I ever read by Alan Moore

* Dollhouse has dropped 25% in the ratings in just five weeks, but Joss Whedon wants us to keep watching it anyway. (Well, duh, what's he going to do? Say "Turn it off?")

* Hey, look at this! It's an actual mimeographed 1950s Science Fiction fanzine posted on line, with several stories by people who later went on to become noteworthy writers! (Though all C-listers) There's several issues, and it's fun stuff.

* MacGuyver is coming back as a movie, though it's unclear if Richard Dean Anderson will be involved

* To my only-relative surprise, the Onion AV club was "mightily impressed by the first episode" of Kings:,25124/ in fact, everyone seems pleased as punch with the show but it's on NBC, so it'll die a horrible screaming death.

* It's been 40 years, and still Trek finds ways to screw Harlan Ellison out of money. I hope he cleans their clock