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A Science Fiction re-telling of the Sampson and Delilah story? Really? Even *I* have to say “Why?” to this
The Green Hornet movie looks dead but then again maybe not
Definitely dead, however, is The Fantastic Four franchise no big loss there.
Here’s a snazzy list of cool fictional computers from TV shows. I take exception that “Fred and Wilma” from Head of the Class made the list, but the cool-ass computer from “The Invisible Boy” didn’t. Otherwise, it’s a surprisingly complete list, though
Evidently “V” is coming back to TV it’s evidently based on a novel which completely discounts the second miniseries and the one-season TV show that followed it. Details here
Sadly, the A-Team movie seems alive
What can “The Road Warrior” teach us about surviving this global economic downturn?
I know nobody’s checking it out, but I still kind of like this webcomic
The good side of the whole energy crisis/hippie-green meltdown that society is going through now is a resurgence of public and mass-transit systems. Once an important part of suburban American society, trolleys, trams, have all been all-but-dead since the late 1940s (Excepting larger cities), and in my opinion we’ve all been a bit poorer as a result. Now they may be making a welcome comeback. Weather or not they are, this new ‘skycar’ system that Baltimore is developing looks pretty freakin’ schwee!,0,256421.story
Did you ever notice that people don’t shine or polish their shoes much anymore? It’s a shame. Our planetary defense is clearly the weaker for it. This short dares to tell the startling truth between the decline in the shoeshine industry and the increase in alien attacks
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: God, I miss the cold war. I miss the space race. More than that, even, I miss the Soviet Space Program, the Washington Generals of Manned Space Flight. I miss them pushing us on to bigger things via competition and fear. I miss it so much that even detritus like this can make me all misty about it The Christmas Cards are my favorite. Who knew the Soviets made Christmas Cards? Definitely not me…
Who knew there were lyrics to the Stargate theme?
I’m assuming none of you have ever wondered about the rank insignia from the new Battlestar Galactica, but just in case some of you are, here’s images, a rank chart, and other assorted “Let’s play dress up” hoo-hah for all your various cosplay needs. (No spoilers) # HYPERLINK "" # HYPERLINK "" and here’s some better image, including the rank pins for the noncoms but be careful on that second site, it contains a lot of spoilers if you go surfing away from that one page.
Know your New Planets! Sure, everyone knows about “Eris,” the planet that made the d!psh!ts in the IAU disingenuously redefine what a planet is (As a result, Pluto is no longer one), but were you aware there were a bunch of other large ‘not quite planets’ out there? Here’s a chart showing their relative sizes:
This is the way the future was supposed to be: Here’s an article by Werner von Braun about the way a manned space program should be run. It’s massive, unwieldy, unpractical, and at least a zillion times more expensive and dangerous than the way we ended up doing things, but my God is it glorious!
I like this painting. Absolutely the worst place on earth to build a skyscraper, but still pretty damn cool
“Carhenge/Where the banshees dwell/where the demons live/ and they do live well//Carhenge!”
It’s been a couple weeks since I first found the site, but I’m still super-impressed by Wikimapia. Check this out:
This is probably the second or third coolest-looking museum ever:
I know I said I was tired of Pink Raygun a couple weeks ago – and I really am – but I really love me a good bit of Nostradamus-bashing, and this is a good example of it:
Easily my favorite bit of 30 Rock merchandising. I don’t want one, I wouldn’t wear one, but it still made me laugh The others are kinda’ funny, too: