Link-O-Rama! Global Warming and More stuff to waste time with!

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As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, Global Warming is a myth just like Santa Claus and Supply Side Economics, and now the Australian Press is starting to agree w/ me:,25197,23411799-7583,00.html (Thanks to Republibot 1.0 for pointing this out to me) The question now becomes “Why are those in charge insisting a phenomenon that does not exist is happening?” Is it simple misinformation (Government officials are notoriously a decade behind on scientific and sociological events), or is it maybe an attempt at social engineering (“Dammit, I’ll turn these people into ecologically sound urban atheists if it kills me!”) or is it an attempt to shift the basis of our economy (“That’s it, I’ve had it with them Ay-rabs! Let’s find an excuse to justify great inconvenience on our part to avoid buying oil from ‘em anymore!”) or is it simply clever marketing? (“I think we’ve sold everyone just about as many cars as we usefully can, now let’s make them feel bad about driving them, and talk them into buying different *kinds* of cars…”) or a purely political motivation (“We need to make people believe there’s a major crisis afoot so that we can gain a lot of power and hold on to it for generations.”) or some other option that hasn’t occurred to me? If anyone wants to discuss this, I’m up for it, just post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer!

- Fresh off last week’s post about “Superhero Decadence,” comics author Bill Willingham has posted a kind of funny defense against people who incorrectly associate 1950s family values with the evils of racism, sexism, and oppression

- You know, if there’s a bad Zoroastrianism gag, I haven’t heard it

- I think it’s the Binary Solo that put it over the top for me…

- So evidently Mr. Kanye West likes 2001: A Space Odyssey. (This is rap, so it goes w/out saying that the language is not safe for work)

- John Varley reviews The Rutles's%20Day%20at%20the%20Egyptian%20with%20The%20Rutles.htm There’s links to clips from the movie all through the review, and a preview of a new Python documentary about Neil Innes called “The Seventh Python.” God, I’ve just got to see that movie again, it’s been too long.

- Recently I posted some links suggesting the “Jonah Hex” movie is officially “Troubled.” Here’s some old info on the film from happier days. and and so let’s pass the time by guessing the way they’ll pick to screw it up. First, they’ll cast someone who’s not at all southern, then they won’t have him all disfigured, then they’ll ditch the confederate uniform, and then they’ll spend 90% of the movie in the postapocalyptic future, and completely avoid his old-west past. That said, I’ll probably try to go see it in the hopes that such a low-profile DC character will somehow manage to avoid the hands-on studio suit shenanigans that resulted in the first 4 Batman movies, and the last 3 Superman movies.

- Let’s take a moment to reflect on the bewilderingly awesomely impotent power of the internet, shall we? Back in March, it looked like budget cuts meant that NASA would to have to abandon one of it’s two R/C Rovers on Mars. Spirit, having always been their ‘problem child’, was the one getting the axe. This got featured on a number of geek blogs, which immediately caused geek outrage, which the geeks at NASA noticed (No one else pays any attention to us) which resulted in NASA reversing it’s decision, as you can read about here Sadly, this doesn’t work the other way ‘round: You can’t complain to NASA to get them to do something (Such as going to Mars or the Moon in person), only to get them to avoid stopping something (Such as abandoning the Hubble).

- If there’s anyone out there over the age of ten who actually likes getting crapped on by George Lucas, and still gives a damn about star wars, here’s an “Official Map of the Star Wars Galaxy” for you. The mouthbreathers are all excited about it, but it seems kind of unimpressive and dull to me. But what do I know?

- This is kind of an intriguing look back at the Strategic Defense Initiative from the 80s, the so-called “Star Wars Program” that never actually got off the ground. What’s interesting about this is that it points out two of the ‘real’ reasons behind the program, both of which (Ahem) are ones that I predicted all along. Hooray for me, but then I’ve always been a fan of Niven, and somewhat less of Pournelle. Check it out, it’s an interesting ‘behind the scenes’ of 80s Realpolitik and here’s Dr. Pournelle’s comments on the above:

- A memorial to the late Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons: a giant 20-sided die.

- I have no idea if this accurately represents the experience of Asian-Americans of my generation, but sadly I suspect it probably kinda’ does. In all its glory, I give you: “The Donger and Me”

- You know, I’ve always felt an irrational hatred towards Steve Perry of Journey, I have no idea why. I’m glad to know it was entirely, completely, utterly justified, however: (This is not SF at all)

- Now, this is cool, if a bit frustrating: this is the first map of an actual real sea on another world! Not a reconstruction of the long-gone Martian ocean, or some goofy Terraforming map of Venus, but an actual real inland sea that exists right now on Titan, largest moon of Saturn (Scroll down a bit) Granted, the sea is made of methane and its temperature is a few hundred degrees below zero, but still! It’s a tiny bit larger than Lake Superior. For those of you interested in such things, here’s some detail on the islands, which are in the 25-mile-across range:

- The seldom-updated-but-always-amazing “Pausanias” blog over at has been closed. Actually, it happened a while ago and I only just noticed (I only check it a couple times a year given it’s infrequent upkeep) You can still read the old entries, however, and the sad tone of utter defeat from the author when he says “Human colonization of space will not happen in my lifetime” and “The space program exists only to perpetuate government burocracies.” Sadder still, he’s right. I strongly recommend checking it out if you’ve got any interest in space, though, and maybe send the guy a condolence email.

- By their own admission they’re hundreds and hundreds of times less popular than monkey feces, I’ve recently become addicted to “The Hearty White Show,” a weird public access cable program from Tallahassee, Florida. while this isn’t expressly science fiction in and of itself – it’s just a weird show – here’s an incomprehensible clip of the host talking to Enoch from “The Land of the Lost” to take the curse off of it. And now that we’ve got that out of the way, here he is on Project Runway and here’s a brief, funny bit involving a gorilla and even the not particularly funny sketches have hilariously inscrutable dialog like “I must meticulously wash my genitals in the service of my Spanish masters.” But I’ll leave you to find that one on your own.