KLASSICS FOR KIDS: “Tron” (1981)


Review in a nutshell: Goofy.

Review in a coconut shell: Goofy with a lot of special effects.

A game designer gets ripped off by a company, so he goes into a computer world, leads a revolution, gets proof, comes out again, and takes over the company.

Tron was an interesting movie, to say the least. All of the games were stupid. I mean, face it: throwing your Frisbee at other people, which can somehow kill. Oh, and if you lose your Frisbee you die? So why chuck it at someone? I didn't really understand any of their games, excepting "Volleyball of Doom."

I really liked the Light Cycles. I preferred them to the ones in the new movie, "Tron Legacy."

I was surprised to see that the actors who did Londo and Captain Sheridan from Babylon 5 were both in the same movie together. Londo spoke with a different accent, but I could recognize him by his nose. I really didn't recognize Sheridan because of his big glasses. His voice was a little different, too.

The plot was strange. Face it: they were sucked inside a computer - what sense does that make? And face it: everything they had in this computer world - again - goofy. Tanks where the controls spin around you - what kind of sense does that make? Motorcycles that make very angled energy beams behind them, and if you hit those energy beams you die - again, what sense does that make? I liked how all of the "Programs" looked like their "Creator." It seems like it would seem like it would be very hard to get in their holding cells if you were designed by a fat guy.

Tron himself was kind of weird, since he was the guy who saved the day, and who the movie was named after, but he wasn't the main character. That's just plain strange. As far as I saw, we didn't learn much about the character. I didn't really care about the character because I didn't get a chance to notice him.

To be honest, I feel Flynn was a strange choice for the main character. Face it: everything the character himself did was to get credit for making a video game. Actually, several video games, but still...it's just why was the MCP so obsessed with catching this guy? Why not just have Dillinger have him killed?

I don't feel as if Dillinger, the bad guy, could have played a much smaller part in the movie, to be perfectly honest. He seems rather trivial. The villain - Sark - was pretty stupid looking. He was a third-rate Zartan impersonator with glow-sticks strapped to his clothes. And face it: who wears a hat/hood/thing like that? It made him look really dumb.

The girl was 'eh.' I don't feel the romance thing worked.

There may be a Christian thing here, with a created world, and a creator coming in to fix things from the evil forces, but I'm honestly not sure about that. It's an interesting aspect - machines having a religion.

I'm not sure what the MPC's master plan was, if he even had one. I mean, he appeared to be hacking into every major computer system in the world, but seriously, was that just to boost his processor speed? Seriously! What did he intend to do with that? Was he going to take over the world? I don't know.

The special effects were surprisingly good for the time. I think the story was pretty good. To be honest, I think the acting varied from scene to scene, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes in neutral ground. The music was pretty bad, however, getting slightly off topic, I really liked the music in "Tron Legacy."

Once scene that I thought was really cool, though, was the glowing helicopter at the beginning of the movie. Oh, and the "Big Door" line was pretty funny. It's not really my favorite scene in the movie, but I thought it was really goofy when the MCP's right-hand program turns into a giant. Anyone who's seen the movie will know what I mean.

The more I think about this movie, the goofier I think it is. To be honest with everyone.

I would reccomend people seeing this movie.