KLASSICS FOR KIDS: “Star Wars Episode VI :The Return of the Jedi” (1983)


The movie was very interesting, I thought. I really couldn’t point out all that many thing that I thought was very good or not terribly good. I think what little CGI there was in the movie could have been improved greatly. The movie was far better than Episode IV, but not as good as Episode V. On a scale of one to ten, I think I’d give it about a six. I didn’t really like the whole plot of it too terribly much. It was basically a do-over of Episode IV, the same whole thing about ‘we need to stop the Death Star, but we’ve got to do this thing first and we’ve only now learned of its Achilles heel.” Han’s rescue was interesting. I thought it could have been lit better, though. Actually, I think everything in the movie could have been lit better. The story could have been *told* better, too: Tighter. For instance, the scene where Luke says he’s leaving and he’s Leah’s brother, and Han takes things the wrong way, storms off and comes back - that scene just goes on for *ever!* Or when Vader killed the Emperor, that was anticlimactic. I could have done with a light saber battle between the two. Leah turning out to be Han’s sister seemed like an eleventh hour decision. Actually, no, a thirteenth hour decision. I really didn’t like the Ewoks. They’re teddy bears - why would they have thought kids my age would like them? I’d say a combination of things: most of the people making the movie not having kids, and most of them not knowing what a ten year old was. The music was really good, especially when Luke took off Vader’s mask, with the one violin playing in the background. How many ships the good guys tried to use to blow up the second Death Star was cool. The scene at the very end when they were burning Vader’s corpse was neat. Jabba the Hutt could have been scarier. The muppets in Jabba’s palace could have been done better. Yoda’s death could have been more dramatic, and honestly, why did he just disappear like that? At least make him explode! Vader showing up all redeemed with Yoda and Ben didn’t seem really fair. Well face it, Yoda and Ben were good people - annoying, but good. Vader, on the other hand, was responsible for uncountable deaths. Let’s see…what in there do they have similar? I don’t think I see anything!