It's Premiere Week: What You Can Expect

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Hi, everyone. First of all, we'd like to apologize again for the whole "Pirate" thing yesterday. Secondly, we'd just give you a heads up of what we'll be covering in the next few weeks:

* The Dollhouse will be returning September 25th, next Friday. I'll be resuming my coverage of that show for the site.

* Flash Forward will be debuting Thursday, September 24th, and Republibot 2.0 will be covering that show.

* Stargate: Universe will be debuting October 2nd, and I'll be (eagerly) covering that one.

* V will be rebooting on November 3rd, 2009, and Republibot 1.0 will be covering that one for us.

R2 will also be covering "Smallville" whenever that comes on again, and he and I will continue to cover Batman: Brave and the Bold, Ironman: Armored Adventures, and Ben 10: Alien Force for as long as we can continue to under the present workload. We'd have even been willing to cover some kidvid shows that didn't have colons in the title, but alas, none were available.

"Lost" and "Chuck" won't be returning until next year, but we'll definitely be covering that, and of course the already-troubled "C(r)aprica" will be starting out next year. I got the short straw, so I get that one whenever they decide to run it. Also, I'll be covering "Defying Gravity" if and when the network decides to burn off the remaining episodes. That show has recently started to ick me out, though.

Obviously, we're a little-guy site with a small staff. The spirit is willing, but the typing fingers are sore, so if any of you out there reading this would like to review one of these shows for the site, or perhaps another show we're overlooking, just contact us and let us know, ok? As Darkwolf can tell you, it's sort of fun, doesn't hurt much, and is only slightly illegal.

[EDIT: Another thing you can expect are misspellings, and plenty of 'em!]