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Good morning, everyone. Hope ally’all had a good weekend. Here’s some random links of note to peruse at your leisure:

• Know your moons! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but its kind of neat for desktop wallpaper
• God, I miss the cold war! Nova aired an amazingly good episode recently about the (semi)secret space race between the US and the USSR to establish a manned spy space station in low earth orbit in the early 70s. There was tons of only-now declassified information about the Almaz and Manned Orbiting Lab programs, some of which was startling partially because of the capabilities of these systems, and some of which was startling because they managed to keep it secret for 30 years. (For instance, I never knew they actually *flew* a Gemini-B!) Here’s the Nova link, and its really worth a watch if you get a chance and in a semi-related bit of trivia
• Not really related to anything in particular, but remember Eddie Murphy’s big stand up routine about being too dumb as a kid to clean up after his dog, and getting yelled at by his father? “This isn’t Scooby Doo, Mother F…!” Suddenly, I just had a yen to hear Samuel L. Jackson do scream that entire routine. Dunno why, I just did. You know, in his “Pulp Fiction Angry Voice.”
• Yes! It turns out that I *didn’t* hallucinate this after all! I was right! in your face, entire rest of the universe! and
• Of course it’s typically too late for these to be of any use now, but I’m thinking I might buy a mess o’ these things to use as Xmas tree ornaments next year.
• This is kinda’ fun: various h’wood movie stunts that utterly defy the laws of physics, and *why* they do:
• Arguably, there has yet to be a good Alternate History movie made, but if anyone can pull it off, I’m betting it’s the Cohen Brothers: This is a pretty old story, so we should be getting pretty close to a release date by now.
• I realize it’s the future and all, and we’ve got videophones and most of the stuff they promised us as kids (Albeit in depressingly lame-ass fashion: there still hasn’t been a person on mars, but we’ve got a couple bitchin’ R/C cars there, and the ISS is hardly a substitute for a Lagrange Colony, kids!), but it just won’t feel futuristic anymore without Instamatic film:
• Leave it to a programmer to think of a good idea for legal reform. Actually, this sounds kinda’ plausible, logical, and cool, so of course it would put about 750,000 attorneys out of business. Ergo, it’ll never happen.
• New to me, but old in general, it’s Tom Smith’s ode to the Bare Naked Ladies ode to Babylon 5:
• Seems that Skiffy has been trying to expand its female demographic with shows emphasizing human stories over cool sh!t that blows up in space over the past couple of years. Now, we know that most male SF fans are semi-afraid of girls to begin with, but how do women feel about this attempt at feminizing the genre? I don’t claim to know, but this woman’s opinion is pretty funny and scathing: (Warning: This is one o’ them thar’ “Leftist” websites)