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We all know about the protest going on and depending on were you live it's only getting worse. I live in Columbus, Ohio. ever since the action of clearing out worker Unions the air here has been very intense. People are constantly congregating in groups around the city and I've been sweating hard. There's... a constant rumor giong around that police and firefighters will start protesting soon if unions are cut. This make me think that if theres protesting from firefighters who fight our fires and police who protect our homes who will do these jobs Scabs? Frankly there's a inkling thought going on in the back in my head that somethings going to happen. I feel angry at the governor of Wisconsin for not compromising with the union. I know that for repubs unions are bad but, is this really the time when we are in such a delicate state. The last thing we need is people protesting while were in a recession and that feeling of something eerie on the horizon doesn't help ether. Maybe I'm just paraniod or thinking to much. What do you think?


take a look at this link and you'll see what I'm talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mI--Ar8Ry0

Actually this is better since it's PBS