IDLE SPECULATION: Paul McGann Doctor Who photo

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Paul McGann as the Doctor with a new costume Things we know about this photo:

1) It is Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor

2)This is part of a set of photos taken to be used as promotional/cover elements for the audio books/plays that Big Finish and the BBC put out.

3)This is fairly close to how McGann wanted the Doctor to appear in his one televised appearance.

Here is why I have questions about it---

1)Why would the Beeb, one of the most frugal production houses on the face of the planet spend money (even the $8.0725 that this cost) to re-outfit an old Doctor and photograph him?  This makes even less sense when you look deeper and find that Weta made a wooden-handled sonic screwdriver for this shoot.  If they wanted to revamp his look, the cover artists could just paint him differently... Photoshop is still cheaper than photo shoot.

2)Given 1) above,  the production of new grist for the mill seems to indicate that McGann will continue on as the 'audio Doctor' for some time.  (duh).  This does make McGann the longest serving media Doctor.

3) Could we see McGann in the new series (season) of Doctor Who?  Moffatt, unlike his predecessor, likes multiple Doctor episodes (he's responsible for both "Curse of Fatal Death" and "Time Crash", and it's pretty common opinion that the McGann Doctor got a raw deal.


Your thoughts?