I09 says something non-hateful about Religion. In other news: Hell freezes over

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I don't much like the IO9 website. I've mentioned that before. Yes, they're huge and sprawling and successful and have resources and financial backing that we at Republibot openly envy, but they're generally sloppy in their reporting, and they're surprisingly closed-minded for an SF site. While I honestly believe their heart is in the right place, their head isn't and as such they react badly - and angrily - to positive mentions of religion, or traditional values, or even occasionally to workdaday observations like "You know, Mars may not be the best place for humanity to invest all its hopes for the future." Their love of SF and "The Big Questions" is unfortunately tempered by their devotion to political dogma, and as such, generally, they won't acknowledge any questions who's answers *Might* be contrary to their beliefs.

Which makes an article they posted today on "Religion in Science Fiction" all the more amazing. Normally they site is humorlessly athiest, though occasionally they'll throw in a disingenuous "Spirtual but not Religious" bumpersticker sentiment to take a bit of the curse off of it. This article, however, shows an even-handedness and understanding of both the genre and people that is....well....very surprising and, in fact actually pretty good. I'm impressed. Here's a quote:

>>>As anybody who's spent any time in the real world knows, religion and science mostly coexist reasonably well, unless you're Amish or Richard Dawkins. But in some especially cheesy science fiction, every day is Galileo-vs.-the-church day. <<<

Republibot is *not* and has never been a religious website, but we *do* feel that religion is as basic a part of human society as music and politics and money, and attempting to get rid of it makes about as little sense as trying to get rid of, well, music and politics and money, and science for that matter. Even so, it is sorely under-represented in SF, or treated badly (As you can clearly see in the comments section of that article), and hence we like to point out positve and though-out comments about it when they appear.

We also like to compliment other people when they show actual cognition, and don't just act on political reflex, so well done IO9, well done Charlie Jane Anders, you've both surprised the hell out of me!

Their article is online here http://io9.com/5185748/the-7-deadly-sins-of-religion-in-science-fiction and as a special bonus link, here's an article about random religious symbolism in anime and other stuff that was included in the IO9 piece http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitlebqmxtrir9bav?from=Main....