How Many Of Us Are Writers?

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It just suddenly occured to me to wonder: How many of you 400 or so people who visit the site every day are writers?

I don't mean "How many of you have an agent, and have sold work, and make money off of professional writing in some capacity," though I'm sure some of you are. I'm more wondering how many of you - of us, really - write. For the heck of it.

Me, I'm a relatively prolific writer. I've cranked out a half dozen short stories in the last year, one or two of which were actually pretty good, and I've got two more in the pipeline, plus I'm polishing of the end of a novel. That's nothing to brag about, I'm not convinced I'm all that talented. One of the stories that was 'pretty good' took me something like 13 years to finish, and this stupid book of mine has taken more than four years. So I may very well suck. Certainly I'll never make a dime off of any of this crap. That's not the point.

I write because I feel compelled to. There's something in me that makes me want to do it, to tell stories, even if the stories are ludicrously things tarted up with alien dogs and abandoned airports which may or may not be run by extraterrestrials. Some people feel a burning passion to sing, others to dance, others to play sports, or what have you. For me, I've kind of got to write. While getting to run my original crap here on Sunday for you near-total strangers is definitely something I like - everyone loves an audience - it's basically gravy, and not the meal. I'd still be doing it if no one was watching.

Because I always have been doing it when no one was watching.

My fellow Republibots (1.0 and 2.0) also write. Neorandomizer - a guy we've become friends with through the site - also writes, and he's given us a bunch of great stories over the last year and a half. Charlie Starr cranked out a novella, as well as some other things. A little knot of amateur authors has somehow gathered here.

That got me to wondering: is the desire to write inherent in SF fans? Do people read westerns and say "I really wanna' do that!" too, or is it more prevalent in our ghetto?

Which, of course, got me to wondering how many of you, our readers, like to write. Just for the heck of it.

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