Green Lantern TAS Season 2 episode 4: Blue Hope

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On the alien planet of Odym, Razer, Saint Walker and Brother Warth, a humanoid elephant alien, meditate quietly. However, an annoying alien fly bugs Razer, yet the peaceful Blue Lanterns try to calm Razer’s anger. The Lanterns get attacked by a giant worm and Razer tries to fight back but his ring can’t work on the planet and so he flees until Saint Walker saves him by playing the harp, which calms the worm and basically turns it into a dog that they play with. Thankfully Hal and Company land on the planet to interrupt their good time and they’re greeted by Ganthet, now in his Blue Lantern robes, as he’s taken the place as the Blue Lantern’s leader, while Razer gets starry eyed over seeing Aya again and everyone is happy to see each other again.


Razer explains that he is on the planet because he wants to change into a better person, and because his ring is nullified on the planet, he won’t be able to use his rage (why he’s still wearing his ring though is a question). Hal came to the planet to ask Ganthet for information on the Manhunter.  He shows Ganthet a broken Manhunter robot. We get nothing from him we didn’t already know, however Hal acknowledges that he can’t trust the other Guardians due to whatever they were doing to Aya a few episodes back.


Ganthet takes the crew to activate the Blue Lantern central power battery, which sends up a shock wave of Blue energy through space, powers up the Green Lanterns, and wakes and powers up the Manhunter who attacks the crew which then proceed to pummel it to the ground. They take it back to the ship to try to interrogate it but Razer thinks it’s meaningless as the Manhunter is just a machine, which seems to annoy Aya, who activates the Manhunter and the Manhunter explains that they attack everything with emotions because they believe emotions are evil.


Ganthet further explains that this was due to their faulty programming and Hal asks if he they could teach the Manhunters the truth; however, Razer proclaims that the Manhunter is just a robot and that there was no way to teach it anything (they could just try to reprogram the Manhunters?). This further insults Aya, who walks away, and Razer tries to claim Aya is different but fails.


Later that night everyone’s having marshmallow-like things around a campfire and Razer and Saint Walker have a discussion about whether or not robots have souls, which goes nowhere as Saint Walker claims that he believes all life are robots in some way.  However, Saint Walker’s on to Razer and reveals that he knows that Razer is actually in love with Aya, but since Aya’s a machine she can’t love him back, which is troubling him.  Saint Walker believes that hope will  let Razer find love again (however that works). During this time, Aya flies off with the Manhunter to a cave to try to change it  but fails as the Manhunter is dogmatic in its belief.


Meanwhile in space, the Blue energy shockwave powers up a trio of Manhunters who proceed to Odym, looking for the central power battery that powered them up.  They attack the Lanterns, all of whom put up a valiant fight but are outmatched and the Manhunters find the battery, and the Lanterns put a shield around it to protect it. It turns out that Ganthet can’t shut it off in a short amount of time and Razer gets the bright idea to tell Saint Walker to summon the giant worm to eat the battery. After this happens the Manhunters become ridiculously easy to defeat. When there is only one lantern left Aya comes in and tries to make the Manhunter change its mind. During the fight, Aya got  a revelation from the Manhunter in the cave who claimed before it shut down, that she is the same as them despite her claiming that an AI should be able to change, unlike a machine, which makes her different, so she still has faith in Manhunters.


The Manhunter however notices that Aya has emotions when she spots Razer and then it attacks her. This leads Razer to such incredible rage that his ring activates to maximum power(so that’s why he was wearing it) and intimidating music begins to play, which causes him to destroy the Manhunter in a really stylish way with a whip construct. He calms down and discovers Aya is all right and apologizes for what he said about robots. Ganthet powers the Battery down and puts his plans to on hold for a while. The episode ends with Razer deciding to join up with Hal believing his path lies elsewhere.




I’m surprised Ganthet is here considering that his voice actor is dead, oh well maybe they did this episode before his death I don’t know. This episode doesn’t really advance the Manhunter plot at all, we learn nothing new of the Anti-Monitor, the Manhunters and whatever the Guardians were doing to Aya, so really the only reason for Hal to go to Odym was to finish getting the whole gang back together. The fact that Ganthet has turned off the Blue Lantern central power battery until the end of the Anti-Monitor situation could mean that we probably won’t be seeing the Blue Lanterns much in future. The episode tries to explore the theme of robots having souls with the Manhunters being driven by pure programming and Aya showing emotions for Razer; however this doesn’t seem to go anywhere except it maybe shows that Aya is special and has emotions but that’s it. There is however one big problem in the fact that the Blue energy shockwave is still travelling through space. This means that Multiple Manhunters should be at least aware of Odym now and the planet is in danger, oh well.


In terms of characters, Brother Warth isn’t really important to the story so I guess the writers chose him as the other Blue Lantern to Saint Walker because he looks funny. The Manhunters are only there to provide a battle, they serve no purpose. Even the Manhunter which Hal brings to Ganthet is pretty meaningless since nothing new is actually learned from it, the team already knew that Manhunters kill everything with emotions and they don’t even learn why the Manhunters choose to work with the Anti-Monitor. Razer is the star of the episode as we learn how passionate he is about Aya to the point that his rage is so strong it does the impossible. His attempts to become a better person are commendable and in the end when he decides to join Hal and his team, he makes the conclusion that anger in itself is not bad depending on why it is caused and how it is used. This is an interesting and welcome idea as it shows emotions aren’t simply black and white even though Razer’s rage did seem uncontrollable during his battle against the Manhunters. Well now that the gang is back together hopefully the main plot can continue.


Will conservatives like it?


Well if they hate robosexuality then maybe they’ll find this episode too offensive.