Green Lantern TAS Season 2 episode 1: The New Guy

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So we’re back to the adventures of Green Lantern. Last season Hal Jordan, Kilowog and the AI Aya of the Green Lantern were lost far from home in another sector of space while battling the Red Lantern Corps. They discovered the Star Sapphires, recruited and teamed with the Blue Lantern Saint Walker, added Red Lantern Razer into their group, and ultimately stopped the Red Lantern invasion. Now that this story arc is done with, we move into season 2 with a new story arc in which some of the ramifications of the last season are explored. So on with the review.

Play by play

The episode starts off with a crack in space and the Anti-Monitor well ok: the show doesn’t tell you who it is, and all you’ll see is just a giant blue, gold and grey robot with glowing blue eyes and a mouth that glows as he talks, but anyone who’s read the comics will understand. He goes to this junkyard planet, gets told it’s off limits by a bug robot, destroys the robot and then wakes a group of “Manhunters" to serve him. This is the race of humanoid red and blue alien robots that were created by the Guardians of the Universe to be interstellar police before they went haywire and decided to slaughter all life in the universe-- such as the Red Lanterns from last season-- and were decommissioned and replaced by the Green Lanterns. Apparently his signal goes across the entire universe.


We then see Hal return to Earth to find out that he was fired from his job, and his girlfriend Carol is unsure of their relationship after finding out about his identity last season. Hal promises to take her to dinner to talk things through then gets interrupted by a news report about a falling crane in the city. He heads there and saves a civilian before seeing a new, cocky, red-haired Green Lantern save the crane and get interviewed by the female reporter to whom he gives his phone number. It’s Guy Gardner, and he’s replaced Hal Jordan as Green Lantern of the Solar System. Guy advises Hal to tell off the Guardians for replacing him without informing him and as Hal’s about to do so he finds out that Guy’s become pretty popular, which makes Hal jealous and so they fight. Then they get interrupted by a news report. Apparently an archaeologist discovered an ancient alien tomb which now is emitting massive amounts of alien energy.


They head to the tomb site, find the archaeologist dead, and discover that the tomb was holding Manhunters. They try to fight off the Manhunters and end up blocking them in the tomb. Despite this, the Manhunters aren’t finished and break free and the fight continues, while a reporter in a news chopper puts herself in danger to get everything. The Manhunters discover the town has many “emotions” being given off because they apparently have an emotion sensor of sorts and Manhunter’s hate all emotions. They decide that it is better to kill off more people and thus head to the town, which is when Hal and Guy finally take them down using American football and baseball tactics. The two Lanterns finally bond after the frantic battle but Hal discovers that he missed dinner and Carol dumps him. However Hal gets called back to Oa, and learns that for his service he has become a member of the Green Lantern Honour Guard.


I found this episode above average. The best thing about this episode is that it introduces a new story arc and changes to the series without completely forgetting the last arc. None of the characters (except Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris) from the last season return for this episode, but what is important is that it follows through the ramifications of the last season. Hal Jordan is no longer Green Lantern of the Solar System and has been replaced by the more popular Guy Gardner, and because of his great victory over the Red Lantern Corps is now an Honour Guard, and Carol broke up with Hal. It was nice to see Hal taken aback by these changes and slowly warm up to the changes. Hopefully these things will change the pace of the series and we’ll hopefully see more Green Lantern.


The new villain unfortunately isn’t really explained. He comes out of nowhere and we don’t even get to find out his name this episode (if you don’t know him). The Manhunters seem to just want to destroy all life even if that may not be what the villain’s plan is. So we’ll just have to wait and see what the evil plot is.


Guy Gardner is actually pretty well done, he takes a more casual attitude towards the job and is loved by all including Salaak (the four armed, pink administrator of the Green Lantern) but he still has some depth in that he actually understands that when you’re a Green Lantern it’s very difficult to have any sort of personal life. Unfortunately the rivalry between Hal and Guy is exaggerated and one has to wonder why they would start such an epic fight over nothing. The fight itself was kind of fun, involving many constructs based on sports equipment, a flight from space and back and a game of rock paper scissors that ended with scissors beating rock. The Manhunters were also shown to be formidable foes that just did not die until they received a massive blast from the Green Lantern power ring.


My final problems with the episode were that the reporter character was pretty annoying, getting herself into danger just to capture the battle between the GLs and the Manhunters. There was also a bit of weird geography as Hal and Guy were fighting over a canyon then suddenly landed back in the city.

Will conservatives like this?

Well there’s nothing to hate here.