Green Lantern TAS Season 1.5 episode 7: Cold Fury

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So Aya is not dead, but don’t fret as that doesn’t matter because Aya from here on out is a very different person.

Play by play

The Interceptor is still fleeing the Manhunters from the last episode, and Razer tells everyone about Aya’s “death,” although the science director finds her death irrelevant. Meanwhile Zox sends a message back to Ysmault to bring in "the big guns" and the Manhunters keep getting closer.

To stop the Manhunters, Hal and the Guardian leave the Interceptor. The Guardian tells the Manhunters to "stop" using old Guardian powers but they serve the Anti-Monitor, who doesn’t obey the Guardian. The Guardian tries to control the Anti-Monitor but fails, and he uses his antimatter beam to kill her. He then holds Hal in a tractor beam to watch as he destroys the Interceptor, but he’s interrupted by the Red Lantern ship “Shard” which Zox called.

Zox decides to use the planet killing “Liberator” missiles from season 1 to destroy the Anti-Monitor; however the attempt is futile as the Anti-monitor simply destroys them. He then decides to destroy “Shard” itself but Hal, who escaped his grasp, convinces Zox to order his men to abandon “Shard” and they escape quickly.

Hal tells Zox to contact Ysmault to prepare for the Anti-Monitor. He the talks to Razer about moving on (after Aya's death) but then something hits the Interceptor, and the Lanterns go to check it out to find Aya in Manhunter form climbing on board the ship. Apparently Aya downloaded herself into a nearby Manhunter robot, and caught up with the Interceptor.

She and Razer get on with fixing the Interceptor while Aya talks to him about his proclamation of love to her; she decides to download herself to a spare body because she believes that love depends on looks. Razer, however, claims he didn’t really love her, only her image, which reminds him of his dead wife, and he tells Aya she’s just a machine. Aya tries to process his inconsistent behaviour.

They arrive at Ysmault and prepare for battle while Aya tells Hal that Razer does not love her and she is in pain, and Hal tells her about love and how he accidently hurt Carole, his former fiancee, though he doesn’t get to finish the story due to the battle. The Manhunter army and the Red Lantern fleet duke it out.

Aya is still troubled and asks Razer “what would he do if emotions were interfering with his performance?” Razer responds that he focuses on the job and shuts down everything else. Aya takes this literally and decides to do just that. She decides to consume the Interceptors energy to power herself up and leaves the ship in order to destroy the Anti-Monitor.

Aya heads for the Anti-Monitor, destroying Manhunters along the way and using Red Lantern ships to attack him. When the Anti-Monitor simply destroys the Red Lantern ship, Aya rams herself into the Anti-Monitor's chest and implodes him, which shuts down the Manhunters. She attaches herself into his “wiring” and she turns blue, cold and emotionless.

She catches the Interceptor in a tractor beam and draws it near to her. The Green Lanterns try to tell her to get back and destroy the Manhunters but Aya dismisses them, claiming the Manhunters are only children and that she now functions without emotions. Aya reactivates the Manhunters, rejects all emotions, all life, and all the Lanterns personally. She inexplicably blasts the Interceptor away, and flies away with the Manhunters.


Well, ok, old villain gone and new villain introduced. I admit the defeat of the Anti-Monitor is really underwhelming as the fight just ends with Aya smashing through his chest as if it were nothing. I wonder how he was a threat at all since it all looks to easy no matter how powered up Aya was.

Aya becoming the villain actually works somewhat(the Lanterns probably should’ve listened to the science director about de-activating her) as it’s based off of her frustration in being reminded that she is a machine, and she was hurt by her past love experience. It’s also nice that she gets a cold, blue energy body to compliment her emotionless state although that part doesn’t really make much sense, especially how her armour plating becomes black and how she connects herself to the Anti-Monitor's body.

The rest of the episode actually has a nice little revelation as the Science Director Guardian admits that she has been keeping secrets from the other Gaurdians, re-learning old, possibly dangerous abilities, and it’s pretty obvious that she isn’t really dead just yet because of this. Also it seems as if Ysmault is crushed this time. Apart from that, though, I wonder what Aya’s overall plan here is. She has control of the Anti-Monitor's body(which looks rather cool, her small body acting as the head of such a giagantic machine) as well as of the Manhunters, though she leaves Ysmault alone and merely blasts the Interceptor away for some unknown reason(maybe to fight the Lanterns later on?) so really at this point Aya has no real goal.

Will conservatives like this?

I don’t see why not