Green Lantern TAS Season 1.5 episode 5: Prisoner of Sinestro

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This is another episode that doesn’t really do anything to advance the story, but introduces Green Lantern’s most iconic villain: Sinestro, the pink-skinned, elven-eared, Satan look-a-like humanoid alien! He is a hero this time though (Yes, a hero named Sinestro who looks like the Devil and even has an “evil” moustache), a renegade hero but a hero nonetheless for the time being. This episode also has some rather creepy scenes.


Play by play


The episode starts with the gang flying through space on the interceptor with Kilowog giving out a pop quiz that no one cares about, and Aya and Razer talk about--well with Razer being his typical self, not wanting to talk.


The boredom gets interrupted when the crew get contacted by Sinestro, who’s breaking out a dangerous prisoner from the frigate of the Spider Guild Bug Aliens of Season 1. This gets Hal excited as Sinestro is one of the Greatest Green Lanterns ever to exist, and is a Legend, though Kilowog finds him an undisciplined consequentialist. Sinestro asks the crew to save him and give him a ride to Oa as he’s flying through the frigate and they head his way.


When they get there they join up with Sinestro (who is STILL escaping in the ship) they help him out and are about to leave when the Spider Guild activates the self-destruct for no reason, but they still escape, wondering why that happened.


As they head to Oa, Sinestro locks up his prisoner, Nueroxis, in the interceptor’s brig and also informs the crew that he has some Spider Guild weapons on him, though he doesn’t even bother handing them in, and he gets somewhat disgusted at the way Hal runs the ship and the fact that he has a Red Lantern Razer on board.  Sinestro decides to take a nap while Hal and the crew research info on Neuroxis on the bridge. They find little information on him but suddenly the power goes out and Sinestro enters the bridge indiscriminately firing at the Lanterns. He knocks out Razer and doesn’t respond to any reason at all except for proclaiming once that he is not on the Green Lanterns' side when Hal asks him if he is, but then he gets knocked out by Razer after he came to and is later locked a brig without his ring.


When Sinestro wakes he remembers absolutely nothing.  Hal believes Sinestro should stay in the cell and Kilowog thinks he had an alien flu that gives hallucinations. Hal gives Aya the Spider Guild tech to take to the stash; however she is followed by Razer, who is very interested in her. Basically Razer becomes a potential rapist, somehow trying to corner Aya and nearly kissing her, which causes Aya confusion  until Razer spots the weapon, claiming Hal needs to examine it.   Aya heads to Hal to ask about what just happened: she believes Razer was very “friendly” to her, and Hal, thinking it was innocent, tries to gives a talk about hormones, but is interrupted when Aya mentions the weapon.


He heads off to somewhere on the Interceptor looking for the weapon and Razer, and he nearly gets shot in the back, but dodges and disarms Razer; suddenly he turns on Razer and knocks him out, calling Kilowog to come down.


Sinestro somehow finds a way to break out of the brig and then gets his ring back. He tells Aya that Neuroxis is a mind jumper (his consciousness can leave his body and take over others consciousness) and he’s been causing all the problems. Back down wherever Hal was, Kilowog is trying to stop Hal from killing the whole crew and when Razer wakes up and breaks up the fight Hal finally figures out about Neuroxis somehow, and he also finds out that Neuroxis can’t use constructs when in a Lantern’s body because all the Lanterns he took over only use weapons. They try to use a construct test but somehow they fail since Neuroxis can easily jump to other bodies.


Suddenly Sinestro and Aya pop up and then tell Hal of his plan to capture Neuroxis by simply depressurizing the entire interceptor except for the brig. The plan is that with no air the Lanterns all have to activate their shields(which provide oxygen) but the one who Neuroxis is controlling can’t do so and must jump back to his body at the brig which is the only place that has air (apparently mind jumpers literally take over the body of those they possess). This leads to the Lanterns, except for Razer, activating their shields and this predictably ends up with him losing air. Hal tries to assure Neuroxis he will be safe if he leaves Razer alone which he does nearly at the last minute.


Back at the brig we find out that Sinestro was lying as he “compromised” the brig's seal as he was leaving, which results in Neuroxis's death. When the crew finds out, Sinestro rationalizes that he didn’t kill him, he just didn’t save him, which Kilowog agrees with though Hal becomes suspicious. They continue heading to Oa.


While in sickbay, Razer finds out that Aya thought Razer wanted to spend time with her though she understands that he was under control of Neuroxis.




Well Sinestro’s here and he’s already made it clear what kind of character he is. This episode is rather predictable really as you could easily see that Neuroxis had some kind of mind control power (he looked the part and he is called “Neuroxis”) and this even explains why the Spider Guild blew up their Frigate as their leader was possessed (Is this the end of the Guild, I kinda forgot about them).


The rather sexual part between Aya and Razer, though, was weird in that it came out of nowhere, though the effect was clear in that they were trying to make Razer look like he was about to rape Aya with shots comparing his huge frame to her small one and Aya’s innocence as she gets examined by him. It doesn’t, however, make much sense: Razer was possessed by an octopus-like alien, so it makes little sense why he would find Aya attractive and Aya is not even a woman, in fact it’s not even a she (though I do wonder if Aya identifies as a she), it’s just a robot made out of parts and Green Energy, so it leaves me wondering how did he intend to do whatever he intended to do to her. The scene, though, does go to show how  Aya is probably in love with Razer (in a rather creepy way) when she expresses disappointment that he wasn’t really himself, since she thought it would lead to him spending more time with her.


Sinestro, the star of this episode in this episode is voiced by Ron Perlman and while he does do good work giving Sinestro a tough guy persona it just doesn’t seem right. Sinestro is portrayed as a Renegade hero and when he kills Neuroxis most possibly out of vengeance for using his body, he shows how little he respects the Green Lantern code which nicely sets up his ultimate turn to evil given that the only reason why he wouldn’t respect the code would be that he believes it insufficient. The problem is that Ron Perlman doesn’t really quite capture Sinestro though, as he doesn’t suit the evil villain that he will become which is pretty obvious, he looks devilishly evil and his name is Sinestro (though I hear that comes from the Latin “Sinestra” which means left and Sinestro is Left Handed as shown with where he places his ring). That’s probably going to be more noticeable to comic fans and anyone who watched the movies (all of them).


Will conservatives like this?


Not if they are robosexual phobic and the scene between Razer and Aya may be a bit to suggestive for youngsters.