Green Lantern: Love is A Battlefield

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In this Episode, Aya finally becomes a true threat to the galaxy and a Nihilist.

Play by Play

At the planet Zamaron, home of the female-only Pink Lanterns of Love, The Star Sapphires, Manhunters attack. The Sapphires try to defend themselves and even their Queen, Aga'po, joins in the fight. Aya Anti-Monitor lands on Zamaron, demanding Queen Aga'po speak with her. Aya declares the emotion love to be useless and destructive. She is here to punish the Star Sapphires for her rejected love.

On board the Interceptor, Razer starts using all the scanners to find Aya and Kilowog wants Aya back. Hal wants to go to Oa and scan for Aya from there but without ultrawarp, it will take months to travel there, so Razer decides that they ultrawarp.

On Zamaron Princess Ghia'ta argues with Aya about the nature of love, telling her that she loves Hal even though he loves Carol Ferris, whom she claims gave the Sapphires a lot of knowledge of love. Aya decides to forcefully take the knowledge of Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphires' crystals, and teleportation from Ghia'ta's mind and somehow manages to teleport Carol straight out of what appears to be a dinner buffet, as she was still clutching a plate and some tongs when she materializes.

Carol tried to convince Aya not to destroy Love and the Sapphires. She says several quotes about love, but Aya counters every claim. She claims that love is stronger than hate and Aya decides that there should be a literal battle between love and hate, or the champion of love versus the champion of hate.

On the Interceptor, Razer makes the calculations for ultrawarp with Kilowog being wary of the idea of a human (even though Razer’s not human) brain being able to fly using it. Aya teleports Atrocitus and his ring from his cell on Oa as the champion of Hate, telling Atrocitus he can win his freedom and the death of Hal’s love if he wins. Atrocitus accepts and Ghia'ta gives Carol a Star Sapphire ring. In the battle Carol tries to dodge Atrocitus’ attacks but she ends up losing then she remembers she can call for Hal through her power ring and does so. After making a somewhat unsuccessful ultrawarp trip which ended in them jumping in a right in front of a star, Kilowog decides not to use it again but then Hal sees Carol defending herself from Atrocitus through a violet portal and flies in to rescue her. Razer tells Kilowog that Zamaron is in Frontier Space so it will require using ultrawarp and Kilowog agrees.

On Zamaron, Carol and Hal fight together, but Atrocitus still manages to put them down. He decides to finish them off by vomiting red at them but Princess Ghia'ta jumps in the way of the blast and sacrifices her life for them, proclaiming that it was an honour to do so for love. Hal manages to put Atrocitus down and Carol finishes him of by crushing him with a huge boulder.

Queen Aga'po tells Aya that Princess Ghia’ta’s sacrifice is the proof love is the strongest force in the universe. But Aya counters that by pointing out that love made Ghia’ta make a stupid decision and returns Atrocitus to his cell without his power ring. Aya decides that all life is pain, so she will get rid of life, replacing it with emotionless machines like the Manhunters. She recombines with the Anti-Monitor, preparing to destroy Zamaron, but then The Interceptor comes out of ultrawarp and Razer confronts Aya.

Then Aya decides that destroying one planet at a time is inefficient and illogical, and that she will search for a way to destroy all life at once in the universe. Aya and the Manhunters leave. Queen Aga'po thanks Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan for saving Zamaron, and Carol decides to keep her Star Sapphire ring, which the queen is quite pleased with. The Queen Aga'po makes a portal back to Earth and Carol tells Hal she’ll be seeing him "around the galaxy" before leaving.


So in this episode Aya becomes sort of like Darkseid because basically her plan is to destroy all life in the universe, possible even non-sentient life seeing as how she plans to destroy all planets and recreate it in her own image by replacing life with emotionless machines. She truly is like a Manhunter now.

However, I have to question the logic of killing life, even non-sentient ones and plant life, considering that she believes this comes from logic. Isn’t that really emotional to begin with, especially since in the Green Lantern Universe there are sentient lifeforms with no emotions such as the Guardians; wouldn’t it be better to just help all life evolve to that level of intellect instead of destroying them? Of course, what if emotions aren’t at all bad and emotions are what let people innovate and grow stronger? I mean, what happens when Manhunters take over, they have no direction beyond their objective of destroying all emotion.

The whole idea of a battle between hate and love seems to have been mostly made for setting up a big battle as this episode doesn’t really say much about love except for the fact that it could lead to selfless sacrifices. Carol also seems to only be there to look good in Star Sapphire uniform as she didn’t really do much this episode, even her relationship with Hal wasn’t expanded much and I find it odd that no one seems to be bothered by Aya releasing Atrocitus and Aya doesn’t seem to be very interested in the teleporter of the Sapphires even though this would have helped her goal. Oh well, I found this episode to be satisfactory but kind of bland.

Will conservatives like this?

Well it doesn’t understand the difference between hate and rage and it promotes fighting unfairly but on the other hand it does make a case for honourable self-sacrifice which might make it tolerable.