GLOBAL WARMING: Penn State Researcher Cleared Of Wrongdoing

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Just a blurb here: According to this story, the Penn State researcher who was accused of manipulating data to support the whole "Global Warming" thing has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Check it out:

Why do I mention this?

Several reasons:

Firstly, I'm honest, and I urge you to be honest, too. This got a ton of coverage when the accusations were made, but all of us know darn well that the decision won't get widespread coverage, and of course there'll be no retraction. Only fair to mention it, right?

Secondly, a lot of us have used the old "They faked their evidence" saw to justify our own views. Well, our own views are probably right, but we can't use the "They faked it" thing, at least not in this instance. You do that, and if you're debating with anyone who's *worth* debating with, they'll say, "Oh, no, an investigation proved that there was no wrongdoing," and - bang - you've lost that argument. Save yourself the trouble.

OTOH, if you're arguing with some guy between beers at the VFW, who gives a crap? Say whatever you want.

Thirdly, Kristine N, are you still out there?

Jonathan Andrew Sheen pointed this information out to me. I'm sharing.