GI Joe: Resolute: The Return (And Subsequent Exit) of GI Joe

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Holy. Flurking. Shnitt!

Back in the 80s I was insanely fond of the crappy GI Joe cartoon. We'd get together every day in my dorm room and drink ourselves stupid while watching it, sing along with the theme song, etc. Of course it was a bad show, but it was a really good bad show - one with a lot of in gags for adults, or at least childish adults like college students, and some surprisingly hot women who tended to loose their pants a lot in the second full season.

And it was cool and 80s as hell, and I confess that while everyone else was doing it because it was funny and the show was basically made for drinking games, I, I myself, yes, even I was doing it because [dramatic pause] I liked the show.

I was indifferent to it in season 1, frankly, but season 2 was really good. I assume. I was kind of buzzed a lot, and it was 25 years ago, so my memories might be muddy on the subject, but I genuinely liked it. When GI Joe the movie was dumped on the UHF Movie Circuit without a theatrical airing, I loved and adored it, and watched it a dozen times. Cobra Commander turns in to a snake - how cool is that? And I totally dug the whole "Cobra La" thing, though everyone else hated it.

And then....nothing. Basiscally the show ended because the overseas animation market crashed, GI Joe was dead. Five years later it was revived with the Joe Team as some kind of high-concept Environmental Protection Agency, and the voices were all different. It was terrible. I watched like three and gave up on it. It bore as much resemblance to GI Joe as Galactica: 1980 did to the *real* Galactica. Just a mess of a fever dream of an enigma wrapped in an abomination, wearing a vest. Horrible, and best forgotten.

The show's been rebooted and revived several times by then, but it never really came out on DVD, so I haven't seen most of the episodes in a couple decades. Sure they were infrequently syndicated or chopped up and tacked on to kids shows - but what, I'm supposed to watch Bozo the Clown so I can get to GI Joe? I'm a totally embarassing geek, but even I have my limits. Besides, they never show the two parters or the weird ones (Like "The Synthoid Conspiracy") or really any of the second season ones at all.

So today was the absolute best kind of wish fulfilment: It satisfies a desire I didn't even know I had. It turns out that for 25 years I've been waiting for Season 3 of GI Joe. I didn't realize it until today, and I totally didn't hear they were working on something new until today, and within five minutes of realizing they were doing a new Joe cartoon, I had found the entire thing on Youtube and watched it all through in one sitting. (Well, two. I wnet to Thursday night service at church.)

The bottom line being that no sooner had I discovered a nagging itch I didn't know I'd had for a quarter century, I found a way to totally satiate it, and I'm good buddy. I am good.

So as I say, this is the best kind of wish fulfilment possible.

I'll review it after I see the finale, which airs tomorrow night, 4/25/09 at midnight.

In the mean time, the official website is here

and here's the official Cartoon Network page for it

and just because I like you, here's every Robot Chicken GI Joe sketch ever made. I've been watching you, and I think you're ready.

Yo Joe!
(Wow, you know I've never typed that out before, nor said it. It really does sound kinda' gay...)