Friday The Thirteenth Links! (Note: Contains no links to anything related to Friday the 13th)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to your links for this glorious and-only-slightly-evil Friday the 13th. Tonight is a great big night for SF on TV, with 3 new shows (Galactica, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the brand-new Dollhouse), and we’ll be attempting to cover ‘em all ASAP, but owing to a manpower shortage…well…It might take a day or three. This is probably as good a time as any to mention that we’re always looking for responsible guest-reviewers who might want to observe and report on a particular show here on the site every week. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, leave a message in the Comments and we’ll contact you about setting it up!

Ok, On to the links:

Ray Bradbury, in all his glory!
As I’ve mentioned, I think “Hearty White” character is oddly hilarious. and here’s some samples of his show Hearty White meeting some natives and here’s a somewhat longer, more rambly piece about what happens when the mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses or whatever come a-callin’ on our friend Hearty White
My favorite Youtube comedy short of the week

My game of the week. I hated the cartoon, but there’s just something cool about Hampsters sailing through the air to German Opera that’s uniquely satisfying in a way the damn Kids Next Door show never even came close to being:

- I know I’m way the heck behind the power curve on this, but here’s my song of the week: There’s not a video, but it’s a good bittersweet song.
- Golly, Paula Cole sure has put on a lot of weight, hasn’t she? Still nice hair, but definitely packing some LBs. I don’t have any links or pictures or anything, just sayin’ is all…
I- f you’re interested in such things, Tom Petty’s original band before the Heartbreakers was “Mudcrutch.” Their album is online streaming here

Just for those of you who’ve been attempting to keep track: After months of on-again/off-again/cool/so what? Kinds of rumors and studio politics, the live-action Justice League movie is officially dead dead deadily dead
Looks like Lucasfilm has begun to take it’s fans for granted. Oh, wait, did I say “Begun?” Where the hell is my head? That started in 1983.


Ooooh! Pretty! A bunch of 90s illustrations of Nuclear Pulse Rockets!
Because I want a dozen of ‘em, that’s why, and no, I don’t have anything to do with ‘em, I just want ‘em. Is that so wrong?
Here’s my Wikimapia sites of the week: The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and here’s the cooling towers from the plant, one completed, one under construction when the place was abandoned here’s part of an abandoned causeway w/ trees growing all over it and here’s a whole slew of abandoned, irradiated ships gradually rusting away in the port and here’s some buses that were used in the evacuation, then neatly parked and abandoned after the civilians were gone. They haven’t moved in 22 years and here’s part of the city itself Ironically, though it’s the biggest nuclear accident in history, the abandoned lands (Still radioactive) have become the largest wildlife preserve in Europe, and lots of endangered animals are doing really well there, since poachers are justifiably afraid to eat them (They’re contaminated).

Stuff and Things:
Coolest concept car ever! Simultaneously, it’s easily the gayest concept car ever. Even so: The Audi Snook is a 2-person gyroscopically stabilized mono-wheeled vehicle! Wow!

The "This is Me" comic celebrates it's 200th strip today!

Pointless Opinions
- It’s probably unrelated to my anti-hippie/anti-biofuel rant last week ( ) but someone has whipped up these nifty bumper stickers