FAN FILM FRIDAY: UFO 1999: The Unfinished Episodes

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Most fan films never get finished. Having worked in TV production for a while, I can tell you that even the most modest of scripted, low-budget productions quickly sprawl out of all proportions. Heck, even doing a talk show is time consuming and relatively difficult even if you know what you’re doing technically - there’s editing, directing, sound, people blow takes, you have to re-shoot, the lighting is always, always, always a pain, there’s intermittent technical glitches that can’t be predicted but have to be dealt with and overcome, and THAT’S just in the studio, filming talking heads! On Location productions are vastly more difficult, even if you’ve got a budget. Fan Films are logarithmically moreso in that they generally don’t have money or a professional cast, so they’re working around people’s band camp and 9-to-5 schedules.

With all that in mind, frankly, it’s pretty amazing that *ANY* of them ever get done at all.

Which brings us to what is probably the final chapter in the “UFO: 1999” Fan Film Saga. Here we have two trailers that have been edited together from the available footage from two episodes the team were filming, but which had to be abandoned.

Though we’ll undoubtedly never get to see any more from the U’99 crew, we do have a bit more information about the project as a whole:

Here’s the script for episode 3

Here’s one for episode 4, which, insofar as I can tell, they never started production on

And here’s one for episode 5

And our good buddy Church found this page (in painful Web 1.0) where they talk about the making of the films a bit