FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Star Wars Vs. Battlestar Galactica"

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I generally don't post these "" kinds of things. They're just too easy, there's no end of them, and after a point they begin to drag you down, you know? It's not that they suck, its just that there's a crushing sameness to them. It's always well known franchises duking it out, stuff blows up purty, neither side wins, what's the point?

I mean, I like space battles more than most people, but come on! At least throw a little variety in there. Why is it always Star Wars vs. Star Trek, or Star Trek vs. Stargate? Why not mix it up a little bit, you know? Have the Seaview versus the SeaQuest DSV, or, if you're totally locked into the whole "Space Battle" mindset and won't make an exception for subs, then why not just throw in something really unexpected.

Instead of seeing Starfleet go up against Moonbase Alpha for the elven millionth time, why not show them going up against the gang from My Little Pony, just for variety's sake? Or Iron Man? Or, hey, how about a space battle that uses space marines fighting hand to hand, flitting about between the ships? You know, something with a little variety and effort.

That said, I now reveal my utter hypocracy by showing you the exact same thing I just decried: Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica.

The thing that kind of tickled me about this one was that the Colonial stuff all moves and acts like it's from the RDM show, but looks like it's from the '78 show.

And there you have it. Please stand by for our regularly scheduled Friday night cartoon reviews.