FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society"

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I hear you out there, I hear your pain, I hear your frustration, I hear you decrying fan filmdom in general because it's nothing but Star Wars and Star Trek and (Apparently) Space:1999. "Can't there be something else," you scream at the night sky? Well, yeah, quite a bit of stuff. In addition to way the heck too much stuff with "Star" in the title, there's also way too much (But still slightly less) stuff involving Marvel Comics.

Check this out:

and if that don't work, try here

I don't have too much specific to say about this one - I'm not a Marvel guy, after all - but the idea of a bunch of geeks attempting to do a Civil War-styled re-enactment of a "Major Battle," and then running around like a bunch of spastic morons - evidently without permission in a public park - and beating up a child in the process is just never not funny.