FAN FILM FRIDAY: Roundup: Holidays

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FAN FILM FRIDAY: Roundup: Holidays

Fan film makers enjoy the holidays as much as anyone. Have a very Sulu Christmas, and then join me after the jump for a bunch more.


A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas is Jim Frommeyer's and Teague Chrystie's take on some classic Calvin and Hobbes strips. The models are all practical, with some digital effects and color correction. The results are spectacular.

You can read a bit about the making of the video in this forum post.

RandomGuy, who we covered a few weeks ago, posted this heroic take on Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas in 2007. It posits an explanation of Santa Claus that is rather compelling.

I don't know what it is about Batman and Christmas. I think the contrast with his personality and the season makes the combination attractive. A Very Arkam City Christmas by Blue Goggle Films is a look at the holiday through the eyes of two of the Penguin's minions.

There's not a lot of Hanukka fan films (so, there's an opening there for the enterprising among you) but this audio remix of Leonard Nimoy's narration from Hanukkah: Its Story in Words & Song is pretty good.

And finally, have the original Star Wars Holiday Special. While it's not a fan film per se, it was kept alive (if you call that living) by fans. This was the version, complete with the original commercials, used by Riff Trax to make their commentary track, so it has that going for it.

Have a merry Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Solstice everyone.


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