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In the spring of 2007 a YouTube user with the channel name ItsJustSomeRandomGuy posted a short parody of the then-current Mac/PC commercials. His tools could not have been more simple, just a camera and a collection of action figures.

Join me after the jump to see what happened afterwards.


RandomGuy, as he became known, continued to post videos in this style. His characters would comment on each other's movies, directors, and studios. The collection is a fascinating take on the ups and downs of Marvel's and DC's movie ambitions. His cutting sense of humor and his vocal talents (occasionally supplemented by RandomGirl, and at least once by RandomCat) made the crude puppetry with action figures a delight.

Soon he added a more ambitious component. He started an ongoing series using the characters as he had developed them. It was called After Hours CHECK TITLE and featured a bar called Stan's Place that the heroes hung out at. The seventh episode will give you an idea (partly via recap) of what he was going for there.

His Marvel/DC videos were still ongoing and about this time he started getting tapped to do promo videos for conventions such as NY Comic Con and C2E2. His technique steadily expanded, with better editing software and the introduction of basic stop-motion animation. He also took his characters on side projects, like the Goblin as a video blogger, or Rorschach and Deadpool as a buddy cop parody.

After After Hours concluded, a new arc was introduced that parodied the various attempts by DC to clean up its convoluted continuity. It even took its title from one of them, Zero Hour. However that arc ended on a cliffhanger and, after some more parodies of films outside the DC/Marvel universes, RandomGuy just stopped posting videos. A few days ago, after four months of silence, he has announced that he's back.

And that is something we can all be thankful for.


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