FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Massage From Moonbase Alpha" (2010)

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Well, here we are, at the end of the trilogy in four parts. Regular readers of Fan Film Friday may recall the "UFO: 1999" episodes we've run in the past, a comedic merging of Space: 1999 and Gerry Anderson's UFO. The series functioned as kind of a mashup where both series take place in the same "Universe," and showing the slapstick that results after Breakaway, when the two moonbases end up annoying the frack out of each other.

For those that don't remember, or are simply new, we've covered them pretty thoroughly. Check 'em out here:

EPISODE 1: "Breakified"

EPISODE 2: "SID's Return"

EPISODE 3: "The Unfinished Episodes"

As with all ongoing Fan Film projects regardless of budget, eventually the project hits a snag which derails the making of a particular episode, and the thing never quite gets on its feet again. Hence Starship Exeter's "The Tressaurian Intersection" was never completed, and is unlikely to ever be finished. The same goes for "The Return of Pink Five" and seriously, guys, when was the last time we saw a new episode of "Star Trek: Phase 2?" A year? More? Generally there's a lot of stuff in the can, but for whatever reason the producers can't quite seal the deal. Having done some TV work myself, with a couple hours of U-matic tape footage in the other room that I will *never* be able to edit into a documentary, I commiserate. I can not even begin to express how frustrating this is to have such a project lay there, mocking you.

We interviewed Tim Smith of UFO: 1999, who talked to us a lot about the whole project from start to not-quite-completion. You can read that here:
He mentions in that interview that there were some hopes of finishing out the series, and that they had something in the works....

MEANWHILE, back in the real world in 1999, several folks connected with the real Space: 1999 series shot their *OWN* Fanfilm in Europe, a two-minute epilogue wrapping the whole series up. It was entirely unauthorized, but has come to be regarded as canon. We covered that as well here

Which brings us to the final UFO: 1999 episode. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been a long time coming, but allow me to present "Massage From Moonbase Alpha"