FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Judge Minty"

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Ok, kids, this is just a teaser, but it totally blew me away! Seriousl, you've got to click through and see this one

For those of you not in the know, or are only aware of it because of that crappy Sylvester Stalone movie, "Judge Dredd" is an epic comic book that's been running in the UK consistently for thirty-three years now. It's about a fascistic-yet-well-meaning lawman in a completely over-the-top version of America for whom World War III was basically just an inconvenience. Fast, funny, weird, lavish, violent, and surprisingly consistent, Judge Dredd is basically the best, and longest-running thing in the 2000AD Anthology Comic, and it's on every geekboy's short list of stuff to check out. Or it should be.

Dredd has a huge cast of supporting characters, some of whom have been spun off into their own stories. This one is about Judge Minty, an older lawman who's gone soft with age, and goes on various adventures through the radioactive mutant-filled midwest, rather than face the ignominious fate of a desk job.

Here's the production blog

Eagerly, eagerly, eagerly awaiting this one! Special thanks to Church for pointing it out to me!