FAN FILM FRIDAY: Interview with Legacy of the Past's Ray Glasser

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In 1971, just two years after the cancellation of the original Star Trek, a young student in a TV production class was inspired by a class assignment to create what may be the very first Star Trek fan film, Legacy of the Past.

Join us after the jump for an interview with the creator, Ray Glasser.

Church H. Tucker: Ray, I believe Legacy of the Past is the earliest Star Trek fan film I've seen. Are you aware of any earlier ones?

Ray Glasser: No, not really.

CHT: You did Legacy for a production class at Ohio State University. How did you do in the class?

RG: I got an A- on the video, and I think a B in the course (it was a course on TV production.)

CHT: Who were the actors involved?

RG: Captain Kirk was Gary Herman; Spock, Ken Renker; Mark Rubenstein, a close friend of mine, played himself; and Sally Kearns played the yoeman.

CHT: What kind of camera were you using? Was it similar to the one we see in the film?

RG: Probably was. I don't recall the brand of the camera.

CHT: How did you manage the visual effects, like the titles and transporter?

RG: The transporter was a 'de-beaming' effect that was built into the switcher that was used, and the titles were just white letters on black cardboard that were superimposed.

CHT: How much post-production capability did you have back then?


CHT: How did you do superimposition if there was no post production ability? Was it an in camera thing, or did you make a composite before shooting?

RG: This whole production was switched LIVE and was recorded on 1" videotape! The video switcher just did a 'mix' of two sources: my title cards and the picture of the starfield. The other picture (of the Enterprise bridge) was a close-up of a tiny photo on the back cover of the book The Making of Star Trek, which, after reading, really increased my interest in the series.

CHT: Where did you get the music and sound effects? Were they taped from
the original show, or was there a soundtrack album available then?

RG: I got the opening music from a tape that a friend of mine had made
when he taped the episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, which has the classic Star Trek opening titles WITHOUT Shatner's voice-over. The other music that began the episode came off some record that I found at the radio lab that I worked at at Ohio State, I don't remember the name or artist of that music.

CHT: Was the storyline in Legacy ever resolved?

RG: No, only this teaser was written.

CHT: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

RG: My pleasure!


Ray Glasser maintains an extensive Betamax website and several youtube channels devoted to archiving old video:

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