FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Death Star Repairmen"

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After, what, a month or so of Mashups and Space: 1999 and Galactica stuff, we now return you to the main-sequence Fan Film Universe, which consists mostly of Star Trek and Star Wars stuff.

"Death Star Repairmen" is really the first genuinely funny, memorable Fan Film to come out in the wake of "Troops," and, well, there's not that much to say about it apart from how, after thirty-three years of Luke Skywalker taking all the glory like a yellow running dog of capitalist opression can finally be put aside, and the focus of victory can finally be put on the proletariat, where it belonged all along.


Even if the Proletariat are complete idiots, as in this case.


(For those of you who are humor-impaired, I'm not a communist, that was a joke. Sheesh.)