FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Crusade Wars"

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As I said last week, I've long lamented the lack of B5 fanfilms. Technically speaking, this isn't one, it's a Crusade fanfilm, oddly enough. This is a neat little piece that didn't get nearly the credit or attention it deserved, and there's something charming about it being done entirely in oldschool stop motion.

A couple of the people connected with last week's "Babylon Park" series went off on their own and made this one, hence my 'vaguely related not-quite spinoff' comment last Friday.

The story, for those not in the know, is basically a slam on Turner Network Television, who gave B5 a home for its final season, then greenlit a spinoff ("Crusade") and killed it before it ever hit the air.

One of the really cool things about doing this site and this feature is getting to discover stuff like this, that I'd never heard of before.

But of course the down side is it makes me sad for the lack of more B5-related fan stuff.