FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Browncoats: Redemption"

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Here on FFF we occasionally grow jaded at the endless Trek/Star Wars Fan Films out there, not because they're bad, but simply because those are huge oceans that we've all sailed a bit too much. We're always excited when some lesser franchise makes an appearance. As such, we're very excited about this one. Really, if I were any more excited I'd be twins. Check it out:

or here

They had me the moment the Purplebellies showed up. That's an element that Serenity itself let slide, so I'm very impressed that a Fan Film wouldn't play the easy rout, and is trying to remain true to the series itself.

I don't have too much info on this one yet, but I've asked 'em for an interview, and hopefully I'll have more to tell soon. They're doing something very interesting with their DVD sales, by the way: Using it to support various charities. That's clever. I've never seen anyone do that before, and I hope to get to ask 'em about it.

In the meantime, here's their official website