FAN FILM FRIDAY: “Galactica 1999”

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Now here’s one I hadn’t even heard of before Tim Smith mentioned it in our interview last week: “Galactica: 1999,” a fan-made mashup of the Battlestar Galactica episode “Message From Earth” (1979) and the Space: 1999 episodes, “Earthbound” (1976) and “War Games“ (1975), though there’s bits of a lot of other episodes thrown in. Interestingly - and unusually for Mashups of this sort - it preserves the lion’s share of the Galactica episode, and most of the first half of “War Games,” and it preserves that slow 1970s Space Opera pacing. I like it, but for younger audiences, it might be agonizingly slow, in which case just jump ahead to segment which is where it gets all explosiony and cool.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3: (This is where the shoot-shoot bang-bang stuff starts)


Part 4: (More beautiful Brian Johnson miniatures get blown to bits)


Part 5:


It’s not our policy to review Fan Films and Mashups and whatnot. It’s not right to apply professional standards to amateur production, so this isn’t a criticism at all: I found the overlapping of the ’unidentified ship’ elements from “Earthbound” and “Message From Earth” to be really, really super-clever, and I never would have thought of that in a million years. As a matter of personal taste, I did kind of wish the aliens in the ship the Galactica “Illegally Seized” hadn’t just disappeared from the story once the Cylons attack the moon. In the original “Earthbound” episode, the aliens head to Earth from the moon. Still and all, the episode would have been at least a third longer if they’d preserved/integrated that.

Very very, very clever.

If anyone connected to this production is reading this, contact us! We’d love to interview you about it!