Episode Review:The Event:"I Haven't Told You Everything" (Season 1, Episode 1)

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The hype about this show has been that it's like "24" and "LOST had a baby. Well, here at the 'bot, we've heard that before…."Flash Forward" anyone? So, the rumors are that this show has some S-F elements, and that naturally makes our (rather elephantine) ears perk up. So, we're going to cover this show until we figure it out.

Play by play:

Jason (John's son, Tex's grandson)Ritter gets on a plane, in a bit of a mad rush. In a flashback, we find that he's a good kid, a traditionalist (of a sort), loves his fiance to be very much. So, immediately after he gets out of his flashback, he pulls a gun and hijacks the plane he's on. Because expectations are made to be shattered, right?

Roll credits.

We have a discussion between a prisoner (Laura Innes) and an operative named Simon. They are apparently trying to find someone, or catch someone, and although they believe the President is a good man, apparently he's unable to help them. It's all abundantly unclear. So, Simon tries to stop the plane that Ritter is on, but fails. Ritter falls back in his seat, but he didn't/ doesn't seem to have hijacked the plane.

What? Huh? We have two major questions. What could cause a nice kid to hijack/ not hijack a plane, and why is Laura Innes wanting him captured?

Okay, we are back to the hijacking. An Air Marshall quickly puts a stop to the attempted hijacking. We flash back 8 days, and Ritter and his almost fiance are on a cruise/hike thing. He tries to propose (clumsily), but they hear a call for help and being a good guy, he answers it. In a daring rescue, he rescues a girl from near drowning. Afterwards, they have some drinks with the couple (Greg and Vicky) that Sean (Ritter) saved half of. They strike me as being a bit more… worldly… than our couple, and a tiny bit creepy. Sean ends up putting the engagement ring in the room safe….

And flash back to the hijacking. We hear a bang- from the cockpit. Neither Sean nor the Air Marshall fired their weapons- They share a 'What the…' look before the plane makes a sudden unplanned dive.

Now we get to meet the President: Elias Martinez. We get some speechifying and dime store moralizing about releasing somebody… and then we flash to 13 months prior. We find that there are 97 prisoners of the CIA- and the president wants to meet them. He flies to Mt. Inostranka, in Alaska to meet Sophia (Laura Innes), who is the leader of the research team/detainees. (???) Some months later, she is apparently free… and suddenly all higglety pigglety breaks looks. Apparently, Sean's plane is heading for the president…

And we go to Michael, Leila's dad, right after he had called her earlier. A strike team of some sort breaks into his house and subdues his family. Next thing we know, he's flying the plane to San Paulo (which is the plane that Sean is on).

Back to Sean- he and the Air Marshall agree to try to get into the cockpit. Michael, apparently has locked them completely out. Fighter jets are scrambling to intercept the plane. Flashing back to the cruise, Michael goes snorkeling with Vicki, and when he comes back, his cabin key doesn't work, he's not in the ship's computer system, and Leila is nowhere to be found. Security (played by noted conservative, Joseph C. Phillips) tries to take him in, but Sean makes a break for it.

Back in (I guess) the present, Mike is bringing the plane in on his Presidential target, but a weird vortex swallows the plane, saving them. Sophia says 'They saved us'. When asked who 'they' are, Sophia says that they haven't told the President everything.


Okay, a couple of things are blindingly evident. Leila's dad. Michael, is being pressured by some group who are holding his daughters hostage to suicide bomb the President, and a bunch of researchers of some sort have been imprisoned and forced to continue their research in Alaska.

We can reasonably assume that there is some variety of extraterrestrial involvement here. The vortex that swallowed the plane seemed pretty outside normal tech… but we don't know the rules of this universe yet.

I like the main character, Sean, well enough. Ritter brings a lot of believability to his role, and a bit of passion. The other characters are fairly well done- I liked seeing Tony Todd and Joseph Phillips (though I know I won't see any more of Phillips… bit part) again. Anyway, the characters are more compelling than the characters on Flash Forward….

Which brings us to the crux. I find myself gaging this show by the Flash Forward standard and not the LOST standard. It's (so far) slightly better than the former. We'll see how it fares. The non-linear storytelling is fairly confusing (and hard to write a play by play on…..)

Big honking' wait and see on this one.

But it is apparently S-F. I don't know whether to be pleased or irritated by that revelation.

Will Conservatives Like This?

Well, the Sean character asks his future father in law for permission to marry his daughter. Gotta love that. And they gave Joe Phillips a gig (even if it was microscopic). So, yeah. There's something here for conservatives to like.