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Tonight: Kal-El vs. His Own Personal Terminator (in more ways than one...)
Click through for details, minor spoilers and observations

John Corbin, a man, barely alive. We can rebuild him. We can make him better than he was... better... stronger... faster...... and with some sort of grudge against the 'Blur', we have Metallo, the Man With the Kryptonite Heart!

Lois misses Clark and worries about 'The Blur'. Chloe is a bit jealous over the attention that 'The Blur' is giving to Lois, and blasts him right in the face with full fledged Chloe-spite-rays.

John Corbin appears at the hospital
(Republibot 2.4 "Lex Luthor did that to him")
Dr. Hamilton diagnosis him with a missing heart. If this was "House", that would be a normal occurrence. In this case, though, it's been replaced with a lovely chunk o' green kryptonite. Hamilton, upon x-amining the x-rays says that it's beyond what Luthor did...

However, Tess (remember her?) on finding the house o' horrors Corbin was created in, says that Luthor tech was put together in new, innovative and Kryptonian.


Lois has been kidnapped by bad guys so many time, she has her own FBI field office. Clark get's an EMP grenade to stop Corben, but instead... we get a scene of ACTION PHILOSOPHERS!

Corbin makes a valid point about superhuman interference in human lives, Clark retaliates with an ad-hominem attack based on Corben's bionic alterations. Clark, seeing as he has a philosophical deficit to work out, decides to detonate the rather ineffective EMP grenade. Clark then creates a lead bandaid for Corben's heart. Corben takes it off slowly. He should've remembered that peeling off bandaids slowly will always pull things off you that you don't want pulled off you... in this case, his power source. Silly cyborg...

Some of Corben's philosophical points hit home; Clark realizes that detachment from humanity detaches himself from those he should save... and Lois.

Clark returns to the Daily Planet... as Clark. He could use some glasses.

Tess has put Corben's body on ice... so now he can be reactivated.. and apparently there were Kandorian crop circles created when they arrived on earth... and one is the crest of the house of El, and it has a nekkid body in it.........

Observations: Although I sort of kid about the Action Philosophers segment, John Corben had some valid points about an alien playing hero--does his power give him the right to decide who lives and who dies? To interfere in the natural course of lives?
Clark comes to the only conclusion you can come to: He can't be an alien and a hero. He has to live the life of man in order to make a real difference in human lives.

This episode stands apart; not only was it a fairly well acted outing- it hit some very necessary character notes that needed to be addressed on Clark's journey toward being Superman.