EPISODE REVIEWS: Stargate Universe: “Incursion, Part II” (Season 1, Episode 20,) SEASON FINALE

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You know, it really wasn’t all that good. We were on a great run: of the last 12 or 13 episodes, with that one ‘dream bug’ episode, they were all good-to-great. Last week’s episode was a step down, but I forgave it as it was an intermezzo in a three-part story. This week’s even-less-satisfying episode is a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until October, so, really, this one is *also* an intermezzo.

That’s one intermezzo to many.

Anyway, the Lucians still have the gate room, Chole and Eli are still lost, stuff still sucks all ‘round.

Young agrees to trade medical supplies for hostages, and makes a really half-assed attempt to sneak Greer in, pretending he’s another medic. This goes badly, and Keva the Lucian Dominatrix Babe (Or maybe she’s just an icy bitch who saw “Underground” too many times? Either works, really.) kills a hostage red shirt, the first fatality of the whole incident.

Eli and Chole discuss his love for her, and her like for him - a well-done scene, though a little out of phase with the rest of the ep - and find a control panel, which Eli uses to call for help. Rush and the Scientists (Terrible band, made up of former members of Eddie and the Cruisers, which was, itself, actually John Caferty and the Beaver Brown Band) figure out that their problem is they’re too close to a binary pulsar, which is hitting them with natural death rays every 43 minutes (And change). The shield is pulling energy from elsewhere in the ship to bolster the shield, but they’ve really only got three or four of these cycles left before the ship is depleted of energy and they all die. They decide to send Greer and Scott outside to readjust the hoobajoob doubletalkulator so that the shields on the side facing the pulsar will be the only one active, which will buy them some time. (Greer? Really? Isn’t this the kind of job some other civilian with some mechanical or technical knowhow could handle better? Aren’t Greer’s highly advanced killing skills wasted outside?)

To go outside, they need to use the hallway with a hole in the top, which is in the Lucian section of the ship. Keva refuses to let them out, unless Young hands over command of the ship. Meanwhile, Telford has been running off by himself to talk with Young. Those two and Rush come up with a plan to turn command of the ship over to the Lucians, as per their request, but then secretly take most of it back without them knowing it. This they then do, and everyone surrenders to the bad guys.

Telford starts transferring control back, but Keva sees him doing it, and they both shoot each other (Cool scene). The Lucians find them both in pools of blood, and assume it must have been Young’s people. A big beefy guy assumes control of the Lucian force, and decides to separate the soldiers and civilians in separate rooms. He also won’t let Scott and Greer back in, and the next homicidal pulsar blast is due in 14 minutes.

Rush finds an airlock at the bow (or “Front” as Rush calls it) of the ship, so Greer and Scott rush there while Eli gets an email telling him to open the airlock. Eli runs forward. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers in the infirmary tries to jump Big Beefy Guy. A crazy, violent, really cool largely-accidental firefight happens, which takes down a lot of friends and foes, but ultimately Big Beefy Guy survives. TJ’s down, however.

We end with a slow-motion montage of everyone running everywhere, including two Lucian firing squads, ready to open up on the civilians and soldiers alike. The lights start to flicker, the next pulse is coming in.

To Be Continued…

(But not for four months)

Ah. So that’s how they’re going to resolve TJ’s pregnancy: She’s going to lose the baby. She got shot, after all.
During one of the blackouts I heard a voice - as if over a PA - that said “Yon…” Did anyone else hear that? I wondered if it was the guy who got eaten by the ship a few episodes back, the one who disappeared while in the Library Chair.

Does Camille have any use whatsoever? Seriously, she was handling this situation every bit as badly as Young was. And for the record, Young was handling it really badly, really passively. Pretty much any good decision in this episode came from Telford, or involved him in the planning phase. At this point, I’d frankly rather have Telford in charge (Which is not something I’d have said even four episodes ago). He’s everything you’d like to see in a commander: Resourceful, quick thinking, brave, low-key about his bravery. Young’s days of screwing up have come to…hm….I was going to use the “Firefly” line and say they were coming to a middle, but how do we know he doesn’t die? I could totally see them killing him off and having Telford pick up the pieces.

I don’t really think that’ll happen, I assume Telford will die and Young will continue in charge, and hopefully grow a pair next year, but I frankly wouldn’t be upset if it was The Telford Show next season. (If anyone already knows the answer to that, DO NOT post it here. We prefer not knowing ahead of time)

Keva said “next time we should send the supplies through first,” which implies they *don’t* think this is a suicide mission, and had every intention of getting home again. Interesting. How? We’ve established that they somehow know more about the ship than the regular cast does. What do they want the ship for?

I’m listening to the Dogs D’amor, a CD I bought for a buck in 1988, and haven’t listened to since 1989 at the latest, and because of my stupid “Eddie and the Cruisers” gag, I can’t stop thinking it sounds like them. In fact, it sounds NOTHING like ‘em, but such is the nature of my addled brain. Just thought I’d share.

So how long will we be dealing with the Lucians? I get the feeling it won’t be fully resolved for a long time yet, like some will be continuing on the cast, and repercussions of all this will be hanging around for quite a while.

So I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while now, but I keep forgetting: Does anyone else get a Blade Runner vibe from the music? It’s very synth heavy and Dark Vangelis sounding, very derivative of that movie, I think. I don’t really dig it. It’s gotten better since the cheezy score in the first several episodes, but I’m still not entirely sold on it. It lacks range and depth, it doesn’t really underscore the action or the emotions.

We’ve now gone three episodes without a musical montage. I do hope we’ve seen the last of those. Entirely too Ally McBeal for my liking.