EPISODE REVIEWS: Lost: "Some Like It Hoth" (Season 5, Episode 13)

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"Let's face it, dude: Ewoks suck."

Is there a fourth group at work in this show? I'm beginning to suspect there is, but we'll get to that after the play-by-play.

In 1977

- Miles is born on The Island, though we don't actually see this happen.
- Miles parents split up acrimoniously, and Miles and his mom leave the Island, though we don't actually see this happen, and it's possible it actualy takes place in early 1978.
- Kate and Sawyer come back from giving lil' Ben to The Others.
- Sawyer has other matters to attend to, and asks Miles to wipe the tapes from the Sonar Fence.
- Miles gets pressed in to picking up a corpse from the future location of "The Hatch," and doesn't wipe the tapes. He brings the body - a worker who died when the Magnetic Anomaly at the future site of the hatch yanked his fillings through his brain - back to Horace, who then tells him to take it to Dr. Chang (AKA Dr. Marvin Candle) at the Hatch construction site. Hurley blunders in to riding along with Miles.
- It turns out that Dr. Chang/Candle is Miles' dad.
- Miles and Hurley discuss their respective abilities to talk to dead people. Hurley's abilities are better, Miles are more realistic - if we can apply such a thing to this kind of psychic hoo-hah, but both are prrrrrrrrrrrrobablyyyy based on the effects of The Island.
- Miles and Hurley discuss whether or not Miles should try to make up with his dad. Miles says no, but obviously is still mooning about it a bit, which results in the Hurley quote I cited at the top of this entry.
- Roger Linus, Ben's abusive dad, begins to suspect that Kate has had something to do with Ben's disappearance. Jack tries to talk him out of this, which makes him suspect Jack as well.
- One of Sawyer's security goons finds the still-not-wiped surveilance tapes, and confronts him about it. Sawyer knocks him out and he and Juliet tie him up.
- Dr. Candle/Chang drags Miles (The adult version, not the three month old version) to the sub to meet some visiting scientists including a returning Daniel Faraday.

The End

AROUND 1981 or 1982

- Lil' Miles and his mom are trying to find an apartment to rent, when Miles discovers a guy who died of a heroin overdose. Everyone freaks out badly

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 1995 And 1999ish

- A punked out teen-or-early twenties Miles visits his dying mother, and asks her about his father, whom he's never known.She tells him he's a bad man who wanted nothing to do with them, he's dead, and he's in a place Miles can never go.


- Miles cons a grieving father out of some money
- Naomi the Surprisingly Hot Mercinary recruits Miles for the Widmore mission to The Island.
- Mysterious guys in a van snatch Miles and warn him not to go to the island, not to work for Widmore. He doesn't listen, so they chuck him out and drive off.


- The 1977 bits of this episode take place in the summer or early fall of '77, based on Hurley's comment that Star Wars "Just Came Out."
- If Miles was born in 1977, that means he's only 27 when he takes the Freighter to the island, and he's 30 when this episode takes place. Man, he's really prematurely grey for his age, isn't he? (The actor is actualy 39)
- I don't know why, but Dr. Chang/Candle's admission that he likes country just cracks me up, something about the dismissive way he mentions that his wife likes jazz.
- Miles is evidently named after Miles Davis.
- Despite his mom's insistance that his dad never cared for them, Chang/Candle seems to be kind of doting on baby Miles. Obviously there's more going on with the story here than we've yet been told. Presumably he didn't throw them out, he *Sent* them away to keep them save, and the mom was keeping up that ruse to keep Miles from trying to get back there.
- The information Miles takes from the dead guy's brain during his 'audition' - about open graves and a purchase order for an old airplane - refers to the fake Trans Oceanic aircraft with a lot of dead bodies in it that was sunk on the bottom of the indian ocean. Now we know Widmore faked that for some reason.
- The little auxiliary island is called "Hydra Island," and is the home to the Hydra station.
- It might just be the jumpsuit, but is Hurley getting even fatter?
- Dr. Chang has very little regard for the work done there, "Breathe a word of this to anyone and you'll be working on Hydra Island weighing polar bear turds for their ridiculous experiments.
- "The Hatch" was largely constructed in 1977/78
- It's interesting how people's lives keep looping back on The Island, isn't it? Charlotte was born in Dharmaville, left, came back, and died. Miles was born here, never knew it, and has come back. Who else is from The Island among the characters we know?
- Last week I suspected that the people who KOed Frank on "Hydra" Island might have been working for widmore. This week we were clued in that they were workinging with whatever group it was that tried to warn Miles off. Are they related to one of the factions we've already seen, or ar they a new force in this story? We've got The Others and Widmore opposed to each other, we've got our Lostaways, split in two locations in the timeline, but they're definitely a major factor in whatever the heck is going on here, and even Ben has (Reluctantly) joined the Lostaways. These new people, with their "What lies in the shadow of the statue" shibboleth, appear to know a lot about what's going on, but their modus operandi thus far seems to violate both groups. Clearly they're not working for Widmore, and don't like him; just as clearly they're not Others or else Ben would have known them, but we saw pretty clearly last week that he had no idea who they were, either. Actually, come to think of it, there's another group here: Dharma. Though they're effectively extinct in the 21st century, *Someone* keeps sending resupply shipments of mayonase and Dharma brand Wine. I doubt this group is them, but I guess there's now five factions at work in this show.
- Once again, Kate's maternal instincts have been poorly timed and badly aimed.
- The interaction between Sawyer and Jack in their one scene together was interesting. The dynamic between them is changing.
- Mile's mother's appearance - lost hair and all - is similar to radiation sickness, though she lacked the other symptoms. Dunno if that means anything or not.
- While I enjoyed this episode and all, and I loved the Miles flashbacks, I didn't really feel this one was bringing anything new to the table, or really advancing the overall narative much, but somewhere about half way through that ceased to matter, and I just really got to just taking as much as they felt like giving. Then, in the last act it all felt like it was flowing along really well, AND moving the story forward, so overall I was really happy with this one. Miles has always been one of the more interesting and under-used of the Freighter characters, and pretty much one of only two who's still surviving.
- Miles psychic ability is essentially to read the dead person's brain like a 'hard drive', and not actually to interact with them. THe more damage to the brain, the less he can get out of it.


- What were the "Few improvements" that Hurley made to the Empire Strikes Back script?
- What was Sawyer running around all day doing?
- Who is this new group? What do they want?
- Why is Dr. Chang calling himself "Marvin Candle" on the training films? Why does he need a pseudonym?
- How will Dr. Chang loose his eye and arm?
- What's going on with the Chang family? How will it fall apart? Whatever's going to happen, it's probably going to happen pretty shortly.
- Where has Faraday been? Why did he leave and why did he come back?
- Sawyer's not going to kill the security goon, is he?
- What lies in the shadow of the statue?
- Has Sawyer had any contact with Richard Alpert since 1974? Despite the uncomfortable cease fire between Dharma and The Others, Richard clearly knows Sawyer is not really with that group, and knows more about what's going on than he's let slide. It would make sense that they would occasionally compare notes to try and get a handle on the situation, since they're not strictly speaking enemies. Of course no one in this show ever compares notes, which is the most madening issue of the whole series, though they actually addressed that a bit tonight with Jack actually TELLING Sawyer what was going on with Roger Linus. Is that like the first time anyone on this show has actually made an effort to fill the others in? It might be.


As Hurley points out, soon there'll be an accident in The Hatch and they'll have to install a button to keep the world from ending. In typical Back To The Future logic, I'm pretty sure our Lostaways *cause* the accident in order to fast forward to their own time (2007). This accident costs Chang his eye and arm. I'll also go out on a limb (Unintentional pun there) to say that Chang looses both of those attempting to save Baby Miles from the "Accident," and that exposure to this "Accident" is what creates Miles' psychic powers. At some point shortly after this, he sends his family away.