Episode Review:Lost:"The Last Recruit" (Season 6, Episode 13)

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Last week, Everybody loved Hurley… this week do they feel the same about Jack? Well, noooo....

Logline sez "Alliances are forged and broken as Locke and Jack's camps merge". My, that sounds messy.

Jump! Jump! Jump!



Jack and McLocke sit down for a parlay, after asking Hurley's permission. Very quickly, we learn that McLocke impersonated Christian back in season 1 (and following), because he can only take the form of dead people, and that Jack was trapped on the island by Jacob before he even got there. Smokey says that Locke was not a believer, he was a sucker. Claire steps out of the jungle and chats with Jack; she's glad he's decided to be with them. Jack is his usual non-committal self, but Claire informs him that as soon as he decided to speak to Smokey McLocke, he was one of them.

Sawyer is filling in Hurley on his plan to jack Widmore's sub, when Zoe wanders out of the woods demanding Desmond. McLocke plays dumb, even as Widmore bombs his camp. The war has started. Mc Locke dispatches Sawyer and Kate to grab Desmond's sailboat and meet them so that they can ferry the larger group across. This is not what Sawyer has in mind, as he asks Jack to separate himself and the non-zombies from the group and meet Sawyer and Kate at a different dock.

Due to a lovely cable glitch, courtesy of Comcast, I do not know what McLocke asked of Sayid. I think he may've asked Sayid to kill Desmond, but I can't be sure… Thanks, Comcast!!!


Okay, looks like Sayid was asked to off Desmond. Desmond finds a way to break through to what is left of Sayid's conscience.

Sawyer tells Kate on their way out to the sailboat that Claire isn't invited on their little ride. Kate isn't too happy about it, but when faced with the idea of nutsy lady with Aaron, she goes along with it.

McLocke doubles back for Sayid, As he does this, Jack, Hurley and the others part company with the main contingent and make their way back to the boat. Claire follows them, and Kate makes an appeal to her… promising to take her to Aaron.

Jack comes to the conclusion that leaving the island again is wrong, especially if it's McLocke's desire. Sawyer just wants off, and tells Jack to either go along to get along, or get off the boat. Jack decides to leave the boat and take a swim. McLocke meets Jack on the shore.

Sawyer and company hit the beach, where Jin and Sun are reunited. Sun regains her voice. Zoe calls off Sawyer's deal, and has them all kneel on the beach. She calls an airstrike on McLocke, but only causes collateral damage, the collateral damage is named Jack Shepherd.


Everyone is converging on the hospital- Sun with her gunshot wound and Locke with his massive Desmond induced trauma. In the meantime, Ford has brought Kate in to the police station, where he sort of hits on her. She amazes him with her perception of his motivations for letting her go at the airport. Coincidentally (and I use that term sort of loosely, especially with this show), Ford and Miles are called in on the Keamy murders. We all know who did that, now don't we? Sayid is on the monitors with a flashing 'Bad Guy' sign above his head.

About this time, Claire wanders into the office building where she is visiting the adoption agency. Who should wander in, but Desmond Hume, noted gadfly and smasher of the handicapped. He persuades Claire to see a lawyer instead of the agency…. the lawyer is Ilana… who has coincidentally been looking for Claire.

Sayid heads home and starts packing. Nadia asks what he did, but is interrupted by Miles at the door. Sayid tries to sneak out the back, but Ford busts him immediately.

Jack and son arrive at the same lawyer's office for the reading of Christian's will that seems to be gathering point number 2 for the Losties. They are ushered to the conference room where they meet Claire, and their relationship is explained. Jack is called away to the hospital before things get weirder.

Well, they get weirder. Jack has been called in to operate on Locke.


Speech is powerful on the island; all that is required to switch allegiance is a single word to the leader of the other side. I kind of like the idea, but it is way too binding. You can't just talk to someone without committing.

With the exception of McLocke's conversation with Jack in the beginning, not a lot of meaning happened this episode. It's very telling how much contempt Smokey has for Locke and his belief in the island. It is the scorn of The Adversary for an apostle- of course Satan will consider John a "sucker". I'm still not quite sure why Smokey took Locke's form, his explanation didn't quite track with me- although his confession that he was 'Christian' was interesting. Do we really believe that Smokey wanted the Oceanic bunch to have water and shelter?

We may have to have a 'Lost: So far" roundtable soon. The show takes a bit more than my feeble brain to process tonight, but I'm seeing odd messianic parallels the more I think about it. Ben is Judas, but John Locke takes his rightful place in the hangman's noose. Jacob predestines those he speaks to and entangles them in his will. Smokey corrupts and tempts while masquerading as a believer.

Well, I'll let you make the call.